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By Shemihazah JOTR SP 1,643 Downloads Added 12/27/2019 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

Bear Grylls - Teambuilding
Tom Clancy meets Joint Ops!



- Observe your enemy and avoid early detection.
- Room takedown commands apply to the three bunkers and the airfield control tower.
- Use the SUVs at the bunkers to turn your team into a powerful combat unit.

Playtime: At least 45 minutes. Take your time!
Zombies: Hell no
Death zones: Of course not!
Difficulty: Veteran

So who is Gunther88, I hear no one asking????
- Gunther88 claims I don't understand this game, so I typed GUNTHER in the youtube search pane. Even the best comedy writer couldn't have made this up.

♪♬ I'm not Justin Bieber, bitch! ♬♪

By Shemihazah JOTR SP 2,910 Downloads Added 06/13/2019 Updated 12/13/19 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

DFWiQ Maze Runner - Weapon Master version 2.0
Blending the storyline from the movie Maze Runner (2014) with elements of the 80s game classic Pacman, this map should keep you on the tip of your seat for about an hour.

************************************************** ***
* Version 2.0 *
* → New Box *
* → New Glade *
* → New teleport system *
* → New sound effects *
* → New environment *
* → New walls for improved gameplay *
* → CHEAT MODE! (requires drugs, check mission info)*
************************************************** ***
• This will overwrite your previous installation.
• New walls of pacman levels 1 and 2 do not show on radar! I can't change that, it's a hardcoded object property.

If you need a hint, please leave a comment.
If you don't like the map, please leave a comment.
If you don't like me, please leave a comment.

By Shemihazah JOTR SP, CO-OP 1,856 Downloads Added 12/06/2019 Updated 12/16/19 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SGMod

SG Maze Runner
<!-- UPDATE 12-16-2019 -->
• NEW: Flawless victory bonus Pacman level 2
• BUGFIX: Teleport fail resolved - my apologies to those who played the buggy version! It should be spot on now.

• KNOWN BUGS: AI sometimes can't find their way back to their waypointlist. Any possible resolution requires too much code, so no fix. Impact: minimal.

Please leave a comment or PM me if you think you have found another bug so I can look into it.
<!-- EOM -->

The Stargate version of Maze Runner.

Rescripted and rebuilt for your entertainment.

Simply follow onscreen instructions.

- Sometimes it's better to hide and lay low.
- Grievers have a terrible short term memory.

NB: This script only supports ONE player. You can load the COOP version via the LAN menu if you need an extra challenge or for kill stats at the end.

By Shemihazah JOTR SP 2,934 Downloads Added 06/16/2019 Updated 12/07/19 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

DFWiQ Crimea War - Air Force
<!--UPDATE 7-12-2019 -->

- replaced 30mm cannon with inferno missiles
- Cartman gained some weight

NB: Due to file size limit a few wave files are not included.
<!--EOM -->

Jump aboard one of the helicopters and join your squad to defend the zone and your team! Only 99 Enemy helicopters to destroy.

- 7 different win conditions (!) to keep you entertained
- 4 Little Birds, each equipped with advanced weapon systems

1 x AT4
1 x RPG

On screen instructions will guide you all the way. This map also has a second undisclosed objective for more inquisitive players who like to explore!

Playtime: little under an hour or as long as you like!

- The PBK-500 (RBK-500) is a real Russian modern weapon and the simulation is based on actual footage as it was deployed in the war in Syria!

By Shemihazah JOTR SP 1,862 Downloads Added 12/06/2019 Updated 12/14/19 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

Crimea War - Air Force AW SP
Here's the AW2 version of Crimea War - Air Force. Enjoy!

- Seven win/lose conditions!
- No death zones!
- Free roaming!

This battle will unfold with or without your participation. If you just want to watch, sit back and kick your feet up.

This map has a hidden objective for explorers

List of characters:

Roger Wilco (Sierra Games - Space Quest)
King Graham (Sierra Games - King's Quest)
Sonny Bonds (Sierra Games - Police Quest)
Larry Laffer (Sierra Games - Lazy Larry)
Guybrush Threepwood (Broderbund - Monkey Island)
Tommmy Angelo (Illusion Softworks - Mafia I)
Carl Johnson (Rockstar - GTA San Andreas)
Sam Fisher (Ubisoft - Splintercell)

This map is excellent if you want to learn how to fly helicopters in air combat!