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By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 204 Downloads Added 04/30/2024 Updated 05/07/24 5 Comments PermaLink

Fearless warriors v1.2.1
This is the follow-up to the changeable series 2 to find the Black Hawk, this map took about 2 weeks, but it was actually 1 month, and the mission area of this map was added back, and the place where the birds hovered on this map depends on luck, it may be one time, it may be several times, and the difficulty of the map is medium.
Plot: When arriving at the crash site of Super 61, Super 64 was unfortunately shot down while supporting, and now you need to take Romeo 3 to follow your teammates to the second crash site, Delta 1-1 and Ranger 2-1 and the last Humvee will continue to stick to the garage, because we have fallen into their serial routine, and we are currently in the trap, and the main support cannot reach the destination and cannot assist you in evacuating, you need to overcome or fight your way out of the encirclement, we can only send two Romeo 9 to assist you in completing the mission and retreating, remember that we have suffered a lot of damage, and can no longer accept any casualties, I hope you can come back safely Good luck 5-1!
Well, there's nothing more to say, have fun and good luck!
What's new: I saw someone's helicopter stuck in the ground and my teammates couldn't ride the helicopter, so I turned it up a bit and everything is working fine for now.

By jabo1SFH DF2 AD 388 Downloads Added 04/05/2024 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 EVO


1st map of a possible series I might do that will be named after some towns and cities around the Phoenix area. NO, they wont look like those areas, I am just using the names. LOL!!

Avondale is a semi enclosed base with 22 targets to demolish. Attackers spawn around the base and the furthest spawn is just over 100 meters so it should play fast. The main entry way is 2 openings to the south of the base that has some pillars that might help aid the attackers in blocking some of the defenders' fire. Each team has 6 spawn points and there is a trigger event to open extra ways in. plenty of uneven terrain and some good sniping hills all around. Try it out and enjoy!!!

By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 934 Downloads Added 01/26/2024 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation: Deep position v1.1.5
This is my third map (official version 1.1.5), This map was made on a whim last Saturday. And then I also invested some time. The content of this map is different from the previous two maps., This time there is no large span and large-scale transfer. And this is a new series to destroy the Aideed plan series., The number of people is still full. There's no big problem on the map. The production time is 7 days. And the production of special operations has more content than special operations., Of course, there are still mission areas. The difference is that I make maps with few general failure conditions., But this time there are 4 failure conditions., This map features, The enemy fire interval is 1. So don't underestimate the enemy, if you are not careful, it may give you seconds, the process is not too long, the shortest time is 10 minutes, the normal is 12 to 16 minutes, the process time is also decent, the difficulty of the map is on the low side, and it will not be so stressful, okay, don't talk nonsense, I wish you a happy game! Good luck with 5-1 and 2-1 teams!

By Menrva DFBHD DM, TDM 1,013 Downloads Added 12/24/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Xbox Multiplayer Maps
I am proud to offer the first ever conversion of all additional multiplayer maps from the Xbox version of Delta Force Black Hawk Down. The conversions are extremely accurate to the original maps, with only few cases in which the environment type and water levels had to be reconstructed by watching Xbox footage of the maps being played online. Unused .til tiles have been restored where available. The Siege TDM map only offered one layout, so I created an additional B version with the spawn points inverted for Blue and Red teams, just like all other TDM maps from the PC version of Delta Force Black Hawk Down.

13 Deathmatch maps:
-Boot Camp
-Boot Camp X
-Crash X
-Dock X
-Island X

1 Team Deathmatch map:

by Menrva (https://www.moddb.com/members/menrva/mods)

By You Shiyan DFBHDTS SP 1,275 Downloads Added 11/19/2023 5 Comments PermaLink

Broken wall   #03
Because your team has gone deep into Aideed's territory under the strategy of great depth, you are close to the occupied area of Aided's top general. Because there are anti-aircraft guns in the city, you can't provide air assistance, and the limited troops can't provide support.
Good luck!

By CROCO DFBHDTS SP 1,286 Downloads Added 11/13/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Hotel Wars - SP
Hello all! After a two years break I made a new map^^
Moreover, it is the craziest map I ever made!
Two hotels full of bombs, traps, baits and bandits!
The hardest part in this map is upstairs grenade launcher crew who rabidly shooting down everything! Real challenge!
Also I added various special effects such as colored smoke and fog, quakes, sounds and after-death animation which looks very fun!
Just enjoy.
***About bugs. I know very strange bug when player goes down through the floor. Sometimes it happens because there are too many organic inside the hotel, and game stops counting this big number of collisions. If it happens - just wait. It will end soon. But if you really stuck - replay.
Soooo, good luck, soldiers!
Rate and comment and especially comment if you find any bug.

By Deere Beckweiss DFBHDTS SP 1,487 Downloads Added 10/21/2023 1 Comment PermaLink

Smash the plot
Date: January 2, 2003, 6:20 PM
Location: New Century Prison, Equestria
Terrain: Desert City
Weather: scorching
Enemy: The bandits and warlord police of Yingtai Ichiro, New Century Army, The Yellow drug dealer
Friendly: Bandit's Inner Ghost (Informant)
Who: Marble Pie
Hostage: Big Mclntosh
Basic load: MP5 SD3, Shotgun, AT4 Rocket

Marble Pie's boyfriend Big Mclntosh was captured by the militia of Yingtai Yilang and taken to the New Century Prison. There, Big Mclntosh was cruelly abused and tortured by bad people. The character you will play is Marble Pie, and your mission is to go to the New Century Prison to bring out Big Mclntosh and have the informant show you the way.She knows where the New Century Prison is, and she also hates Yingtai Yilang. Rescue Big Mclntosh and kill the despicable Yingtai Yilang and his two villains at the same time. Finally, take the informant's truck and leave the city.

By Yan Shiyan DFBHDTS SP 1,530 Downloads Added 10/18/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

draw the snake out #1
Because of the increasing influence of American troops in the local area, Aideed regime headed by rebels felt the crisis, organized terrorist attacks in the suburbs and attacked the United Nations humanitarian rescue convoy. You and your team need to rescue the convoy, and there may be enemies stopping you on the way.

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 1,398 Downloads Added 10/03/2023 Updated 10/06/23 Add Comment PermaLink

truck depot & bar
took me a while to make this as i kept changing my mind and re-positioning , an ideal sniper map enclosed plenty of high buildings and towers but also easy to jump the wall if you want to go out , lots of items explode when shot at please have fun and enjoy you game.

By HaoHao184 DFBHDTS SP 1,798 Downloads Added 09/03/2023 Updated 11/12/23 Add Comment PermaLink

Hi, everyone, long time no see.

This is the map I made later this summer vacation. Although it is not exquisite, it is definitely fun. The plot does not exist, and it is stitched with various elements. It is called "stitch monster" by my friends. .This map made less time, about a week or so, because school is about to start, I had to speed up the pace of production, if you find any problems or have good suggestions, please let me know in the comment area.

Good luck! coach

By TrAybars DFBHDTS SP 1,972 Downloads Added 08/03/2023 Updated 08/16/23 Watch video 5 Comments PermaLink

Oil Tanker Delivery
Hello! This is the new map in DFBHD team sabre. But while i creating this map, i tried many problems to fix it. I can't solve all problems.

Problems fix while playing this map,
If fps decrease,
If ambiance sounds not loaded,
If talking sounds not loaded,
Save game, come in game folder, delete _fastmem(notepad) file then run in game where you saved.

By SHI XUAN DFBHDTS SP 2,078 Downloads Added 07/14/2023 Updated 07/14/23 Add Comment PermaLink

Dark Dust Mission#3 Rosemary
Long time no see. Today I bring my third map: Rosemary!It took me five months to make this map for academic reasons.It's also better than my previous two maps. I'm sure you'll like it.
As usual, make sure all map files are working properly.The story can be viewed by pressing G in the game.Have fun!
If you can not finish this mission,please watch this video!!!(You must clear the rig!)
video position: https://b23.tv/WL6Yp40

By HaoHao184 DFBHDTS SP 2,015 Downloads Added 07/08/2023 Updated 12/03/23 1 Comment PermaLink

bombardment v2.0
This map is a reference to the original level - The Last Stand.It should be regarded as a second creation based on the original.And this time the map uses a lot of newly learned techniques, especially the wac file

Have fun!

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 2,173 Downloads Added 06/27/2023 Updated 06/28/23 Add Comment PermaLink

Multiple cartel gunmen with AK-47s, RPG-7s, Browning .50 calibre and recoilless rifle technicals, trucks, VBLs and Little Bird helicopters are advancing on your base. Protect the base at all costs.

By HaoHao184 DFBHDTS SP 2,331 Downloads Added 06/02/2023 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Chapter 5-laboratory
Hi guys, it's me, and this time I bring you the fifth chapter of this series: Chapter 5 -laboratory!At the same time, this is also the last map of this series, so I declare that this series is officially over!

First, let me briefly introduce the content of this chapter: the protagonist was arrested and came to an underground research institute.The male protagonist wanted to escape from the research institute, but in the end the protagonist was caught again and still failed to escape from the research institute.What is the final fate of the protagonist? It's up to everyone to decide!

Although the series is finished, I will continue to make other maps in the future. hope you have fun.

By Evening Star DFBHD SP 2,522 Downloads Added 05/26/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Sparkle Starlight
Time: March 1, 1993 - 1825 hours
Location: In front of the front port of Fragrant Quiet Valley

·Situation: A large urban agglomeration, the Fragrant Quiet Valley, came to a sudden uncontrollable chaos in January. We found what led to disruption are significant political organizations under long-term attention, according to a 2-month survey. This time, our assault group will secretly lurk to the front port of the city to make a change, where a settlement is needed for further investigation.

My other maps will be uploaded soon, please enjoy

By HaoHao184 DFBHDTS SP 2,564 Downloads Added 05/01/2023 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Chapter4-Emergency Escape
hi, do you remember me, because of a small holiday, so I have time to continue to complete my series, the fourth chapter of this series has been completed, good luck

Chapter 5 may be completed in the next holiday, please look forward to it!

Tip: This is a defensive map. Players need to defend the front door and the infected on the side. Difficulty: *** You can't lose too many teammates (maximum 4)

By nickk DFBHD DM 2,587 Downloads Added 04/11/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Small sniper/ CQB Enjoy...

By HaoHao184 DFBHDTS SP 3,152 Downloads Added 02/01/2023 Updated 12/25/23 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Chapter3-Desperate for help
After the plane took off from the military base, you found that the pilot was delirious, and then began to go crazy. You killed the pilot, and finally you controlled the plane and forced to land in a mountain forest.

Ladies and gentlemen, because of the busy study, the production of Chapter IV will be delayed. Thank you very much for supporting my series, and hope you can understand!

By CseKo DFBHDTS SP 3,009 Downloads Added 01/30/2023 Updated 02/15/23 1 Comment PermaLink

Op:Destory Hope 02- Round-trip ticket
This is my second mission in series OP: Destory Hope
If u have any problem or suggestion,plz email me at 3117859684@qq.com or make a comment.
Just as "Map Image" said
For Aidid,if he defeat 10th MT and U.N. convoy,he will gain much more influence to take the advantages in warlord competiton and improve his power to rule the Hebr Gedir.He can force us and U.N. to make more compromises as well.
For us,if we suffer any more losses in this mission,we will have to face a worse political situation around the whole world and inside our country.What's more,our brothers K.I.A in Irene,their lives are wasted.
Fot U.N.,if more causalties are caused by OP Restore Hope,they have to wonder how people around the world think about them.Their strength,position and image will be doubtful.
Version 1.1 update,fix the bug: the convoy will be stuck by the bushes in the end.Observation team stays on the hill.

By Beckweiss Deere DFBHDTS TDM 3,109 Downloads Added 01/23/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Escape Mofida Village
According to intelligence, Shi Xiaoming, the head of terrorist organization, has established a base in Mofida village.
Mofeida Village is also called Trap Village. The name sounds ridiculous. In short, our goal is to take the village and
leave the area.
After all the enemies have been wiped out, Shi Xiaoming will be executed. There is no need for us to capture him.
This hateful villain must be justly judged.

By HaoHao184 DFBHDTS SP 3,110 Downloads Added 01/21/2023 Updated 12/25/23 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Chapter 1-Rescue operation
NEW:Fixed the bug that you may not be able to board the plane at the end.

A black eagle responsible for transporting chemicals suddenly lost contact with us. You were sent to the crash site to investigate the situation.

Hello, everyone, this is a series I made with NSO Deadline Mod. This series is still being made. I will upload a map to hq every time I finish it, so stay tuned!

By zinKR DF2 SP 3,160 Downloads Added 01/18/2023 Updated 01/22/23 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Clear And Present Danger  Re-edited to Easy
A week ago, the Australian Air Force's 'EA-18G Growler' crashed on the
Indonesian island of 'Papua' during an secret operation.

Armed rebels on Papua Island have acquired important parts of the

We have intelligence that the rebels are trying to sell key parts of
the 'NGJ' to Russia.

The Russians have already arrived at the rebel base.
Three cars are carrying the 'NGJ' parts.

We must destroy the rebel base and vehicles carrying 'NGJ' parts.

1.Rescue friendly civilian(guide_1) and our spy(guide_2).
They will give you directions.

2.Remove the enemy's base and all vehicles with a laser-guided bomb
(GBU-10 : 2,000 lb. 910kg).
A 'F/A-18E' is standing by in the air.

* You can attack quickly and quietly by armed with a
'H&K SOCOM.45 Supressed' after the game start.(rescue guide_1)

* Our spy(guide_2) will be killed 5 minutes after the game start.

* Watch out for landmines.
If you don't want to step on a landmine,
you have to follow the guide's path.

By Danilov DF2 SP 3,263 Downloads Added 12/30/2022 1 Comment PermaLink

A long time ago I said that I would make one last map before retiring from making Delta Force 2 maps. I just finished it now, about 5 years after starting it. It was a pleasure to be part of this community. Anyway, enjoy the last map I will make, here is the briefing:
In northern Pakistan an American United Nations patrol was ambushed and captured by Pakistani terrorists. Your job is to infiltrate the camp, destroy the communication antennas and get our guys out of there.
Be careful, the terrorists are well equipped.

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 3,553 Downloads Added 11/08/2022 Watch video 3 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

DEADLINE 8: Shelter on River Road
After all this. All these bites, scratches and wounds you've endured. You almost seem invincible. But there's an unexpected enemy, an invisible enemy that will surely take your life - radiation. Can you make it to the shelter on River Road before it's too late?

Don't forget to rate and comment!!

This is the last map of the NSO Deadline series. I'm sorry it took 10 years to upload it. I hope you like it! And don't forget to replay the previous seven maps!!