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By Creator DFBHD SP 49 Downloads Added 05/29/2020 3 Comments PermaLink

Coast Blitz
Coast Blitz
Time: December 15, 1993 - 1845 Hours
Location: Port Area - Mogadishu, Somalia

Aidid has taken control of a radio transmitter in Habr Gedir territory, near the Mogadishu docks, and is using it to coordinate attacks on U.N. relief efforts. Multiple guards protect the area.

By Dekiel DFBHD TDM 36 Downloads Added 05/27/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Team Deathmatch level originally designed for the Eurosnipers server. Joint collaboration between Kos=ES= and BaDDreaM=ES= in 2015.

It's more of a CQB level than a sniping level, but was not tested on an all-weapons server. I have reason to believe spawncamping would be an issue on this level.

Teams spawn either side of a medieval East Asian compound and fight for control of three PSPs. Open terrain allows for some short and medium ranged sniping.

By Creator DF2 SP 51 Downloads Added 05/26/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

An enemy intelligence officer has decided to desert. Escort him to the extraction point after clearing his way of enemies.

By Creator DF2 SP 75 Downloads Added 05/20/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Iron Bars
A nato troop convoy has been ambushed and captured by opposition forces. You are to raid the prision were they are being held and escort them to safety.

By jabo1SFH JOE CO-OP 87 Downloads Added 05/18/2020 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: International Conflict

Bad Karma
Karma is a city that has unusual construction design and is like no other city. It was designed to promote peace, but some local militia's decided otherwise. You and your team must eliminate the current combined militia, destroy any illegal weapons caches and eliminate the commander to allow the original citizens to return to their city. *5/18/2020 updated map.*

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF1 TDM 99 Downloads Added 05/15/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Your team have infiltrated the enemy base successfully. But this place is a huge RPG-style maze. Before fight with enemy troops, you must find a way to the opposite side of maze. There has no trap in the maze. The only thing you should worry about is get lost.

By Kasper7814 DFBHD SP 190 Downloads Added 05/11/2020 3 Comments PermaLink

Relief Convoy
Relif Convoy
Date: February 16, 1993 - 1530 hours
Location: Marka Village, Jubba Valley

A UN convoy carrying food and supplies has broken down just near a small town in the desert. We need to get to the convoy before any militia members show up. Board the waiting Humvee and proceed to their location and escort it to its destonation.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF1 TDM 152 Downloads Added 05/06/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

This is my first DF1 map. Blue team must attack the enemy base and recover a nuke. Red team must defend the base, they can call air support if necessary.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 189 Downloads Added 05/04/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

OP Wraith
Tunnels map. Prepare for a rocky landing, an air fight is the only way in. Once on the ground search the facility for the weapons and enemy personnel. This facility is built on top and within ancient ruins. The area is very unstable so be careful when exploring the ruins facility. Once the weapons are destroyed and the leader is killed, head back topside and extract. Good Luck.

By Badger DFBHD TDM 257 Downloads Added 04/28/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

This map is has two levels. The upper level you can only get to behind the main spawns. There are two for blue side and two for red side. The other three spawns are on the ground level. Map divided with a bridge covered crossing. All roof tops have access it's a busy maps.

Have fun hope you like it!

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS SP 367 Downloads Added 04/19/2020 Updated 04/21/20 3 Comments PermaLink

Operation Foxhound
Hello guys, hope everyone is safe and healthy!

In this operation, you will be playing as a delta operator. Your mission is to infiltrate a city that is holding one of our operatives as a POW. It is a stealth mission. You will be using night vision goggles and a suppressed MP5. Find any intel on the whereabouts of the missing operative. Once you find him, a humvee will pick you guys up to exfil the hotzone. Good luck!

- TIO Thrasher

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 347 Downloads Added 04/10/2020 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

Once infiltration has been completed you are to knock out primary radio towers before proceeding to find any Intel. Important information located within the hidden facility.
Also the Joint Chiefs of Staff said if any money was recovered they DON'T want to know about it. EVER!!!

(This map was converted from my DFX2 maps. there are 2 versions of this map, expert and wimpy you can chose which one you are good luck)

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 459 Downloads Added 03/23/2020 4 Comments PermaLink

Fort Towers =Haro»EID«=
Finally finished this map!
been working for so long trying to make it as perfect as possible, always putting it aside,is such a pain to work with containers and stone wall fences, but is done
Medium size map with a short tunnel on each side,I saw this fort on another map and really liked it,made it for lots of action and fun, you would be able to get out and find yourself on the enemy's default spawn and flanked them,but you gotta find the secret way down, is a hint,lol.
Take care everyone!!

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS SP 604 Downloads Added 03/22/2020 Updated 03/29/20 3 Comments PermaLink

Operation Heat Wave (Updated)
(UPDATE: Enemies have higher accuracy!)

Hey guys, I got a lot more time to make maps since my job is shut down at the moment. I hope everyone is safe!

This is a sniper mission (assault rifles are optional). Clear a village, destroy weapon supplies, then attack a radio station. The radio station is heavily guarded so be careful. A delta team will come aid your attack once you make it to the radio station. Good luck!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 568 Downloads Added 03/19/2020 3 Comments PermaLink

CQB Clash =Haro»EID«=
Small new map!
Have fun and take care of yourself and your family!

By Bullets2bone DFBHD TDM 508 Downloads Added 03/16/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Not many buildings in this map but great terrain. Average size TDM map.
About 500mx500m but due to hills and creekbed it feels smaller.

By Linker DFX SP 590 Downloads Added 03/11/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Operation Long Shot
Op Long Shot

You’re a solo sniper, on a hillside, waiting for the target to arrive. When he does, take aim and fire. Command keeps constant communications with you throughout the mission directing you via the radio. Slay all you can, destroy the SAM and radio equipment. When they are destroyed, BW will arrive extracting you from the mission.
This mission has 2 endings depending on if you can ensure BW’s flight out. If you do, congratulations, if not, prepare for the sequel to this map.

Mission Objectives:
-Eliminate Primary Target
-Destroy SAM
-Destroy Radio Equipment
-Reach Final Waypoint

By Maverick_Y JOTR TKOTH 575 Downloads Added 03/04/2020 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

Aerial Battle
2 version, jet and chopper

in the jet version
each side owns one F117, several AV8 and P51 with back .50 on each carrier

in the chopper version
Rocket/minigun bird, KA-52/Apache

ONLY carriers with BOT is indestructible

By jabo1SFH DF2 TDM 645 Downloads Added 03/02/2020 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 EVO

Low Desert

Time for everyone to leave that old crusty High Desert map behind and start killin foos in this map! Make sure you have the new EVO update to play and host this map.


By Linker DFX SP 681 Downloads Added 02/27/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Op Smash Mouth
A dark and stormy mission, with enemies that come from all directions while you attempt to collect documents and destroy gun emplacements. Make it to the end and fly home. Sound easy?.....Good Luck.

By thrasherstone DFX2 SP 784 Downloads Added 02/23/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Venom Strike
Location: Ruins of Indonesia

Date & Time: 02/19/2005 - 1500

Teams: Joint Operation Team, Delta Force

Situation: Bravo, a small Joint Operation team are pinned down by a counter-attack at the ruins of Indonesia. Their mission was to destroy a small radio station, weapon crates, and find any intel. Since they are in need for support, we are sending you to aid them to complete these objectives. You are entering the combat zone by a Chinook. Use the mini gun to protect the Chinook and land safely. Sniper spotter teams and UAV's have located the enemy's location, so they will show up on your map. Eliminate all enemy forces at the combat zone. Check all buildings and structures for enemy forces. Once all objectives are completed and enemy forces are eliminated, exfil by heading back to the Chinook with the Joint Operation team. Good luck, Bravo.

By thrasherstone DFX2 SP 1,020 Downloads Added 01/23/2020 Updated 01/25/20 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: White Phoenix
Happy new year's, guys!


By Maverick_Y DFBHDTS SP 968 Downloads Added 01/23/2020 Updated 01/29/20 Add Comment PermaLink

Pakistan Series-First Aid
This is the third mission of my Pakistan Series.

After the assistance request, Command order a Delta Team insert into the city to provide cover. They will take off form the Destroyer Mozambique with a Gunship. After arrival, Delta Team defend the enemy together with the locals and Rangers and take convey to UN base.

For more information, please turn to readme file.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 955 Downloads Added 01/17/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Bank Robbery
There has been an armed robbery in a bank in Mogadishu.

By Bloodking DFBHDTS DM, TDM 967 Downloads Added 01/07/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Bloody Town
another medium size map good for CQBs and Medics. Good for 10 players if u want quick action.