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Posted 04/03/2021 by DF:BHD 5 Comments

If you are hosting a DF:BHD or DF:BHD TS server and you dont have any statspage to your server you are free to share the stats page I host.

All you have to do is to pm me your server name and I send you the upload link you need to put in the bmt.

It is all for free and it would just be fun to let more servers upload stats to the site.

The domain name is www.df-bhd.com.

It is a pure stats page.

Posted 03/06/2021 by Steve Add Comment

TFE - Last chance to sign up for early map maker access. The Task Force Elite map editor is on its way!
Sign-ups for BETA access to the map maker are closed on the 15th March.

You can read about the map maker EDDIE >> HERE <<

And you can sign up for BETA access >> HERE <<

You just need to register on taskforceelite.com/

Join the Red Jake Studios Discord to!

Posted 03/03/2021 by Jord 3 Comments

Ultimate Force Tournament The first community-ran tournament featuring Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite is now open for signups. With the rise of competitive matches in the last few weeks, with multiple being played on weekends, this tournament will further showcase the game potential for competitive clan matches. Join our Red Jake Studio's discord at https://discord.com/invite/d6HhVwq to keep track of all the match live streams and schedule.
Below, we present the video trailer for the tournament made by the tournament organizers.

Good luck to everyone! https://www.tfeultimateforce.com



Signups close on Friday 19th March, enter your teams now!

Posted 01/22/2021 by Stephen 4 Comments

For those looking to fill the missing void of old Novalogic games come check out Task Force Elite. Map Maker is coming out in a month or so and will allow custom maps. Just like the old days!!


It has the feel of Blackhawk Down and none of the excess frills of the modern FPS games. No kill streaks. No pay to win. No random spawns. No BS.

Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite is an online multiplayer shooter with competitive gameplay inspired by military FPS titles from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Featuring a unique blend of run-and-gun gameplay and a fast time to kill, players wage war across Middle Eastern streets and rolling terrains 19 miles (16 km) in length.

Staff and Devs as very receptive to feedback and respond daily, Also the game is still in Beta.
(Full Discloser I am on staff as Discord Community Manager)

Posted 01/13/2021 by Scott 9 Comments

Nova-Outpost closes it's doors after 16 years Thank you ~BLÃÐE~ for everything you've done for this community over the years. It's been a long ride! I hope everything is well with you and don't be a stranger!

Nova-Outpost is now Closed!

Thanks for the years of fun and support guys.
Due to Novalogic being sold and no new games to be released we have decided to close the doors after 16 years of serving the community.
We will be keeping the 92TIO Mod Servers up and alive but closing the rest of it down.

Thanks and good bye ~BLÃÐE~
Nova-Outpost.com 2004 - 2020

Posted 12/24/2020 by Steve 4 Comments

Hang in there, we nearly made it to 2021. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Hope you all enjoy Christmas holidays and all the best for next year. Thanks to all who have contributed content throughout the year, and all those who just drop by occasionally and check up on us, we still very much appreciate the community even in our 20th year! Just read that, we will be 20 next year. :]

Best wishes and big love from NovaHQ staff.

Posted 12/22/2020 by Steve 1 Comment

Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite 75% off (Steam Sale) >> Buy Here <<

Nice big fat discount on Task Force Elite in the Steam Sale.

TFE is currently in Early Access but has great potential and has some real nice nostalgic feelings which is why I post about it and encourage people to check it out it you have played DF games in the past.

Early Access? This means you can have some genuine input into the game development! The devs are active in the forums, Discord and in-game.

Official Forums: https://www.taskforceelite.com/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/d6HhVwq

What's new recently? 2 new maps released last week and a Sniper Tournament was played last week also!

What's coming in the future? Map Editor! Custom maps!

>> Buy Here <<

Posted 12/02/2020 by Steve 1 Comment

Task Force Elite - Snipers Paradise - Last Man Standing tournament Snipers Paradise - Last Man Standing is a Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite Tournament taking place this Christmas.

Main rules
- Sniper weapons Only
- Played on official match servers
- Free signup
- Last Man standing format Prize:
- Special exclusive Skin for winner
- Special skin for all tournament participants

Sign up on challonge https://taskforceelite.challonge.com/snipersparadise

Posted 11/26/2020 by Steve 2 Comments

Task Force Elite Lobbies, Stats http://www.tfe.tools/

Kattoor over at Taskforceelite.com has created http://www.tfe.tools/, server browser and player stats. You all like stats right?

I'm sure there's is more to come. Kattoor is making some great TFE server tools for admins.