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Top50 FAQ
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About: This Top50 ranks the best Novalogic Fan sites. Each day the list is reset.

Hot it works: Sites signup for the Novahq.net Top50 and place the code on there site. Everytime a visitor goes to there site the top50 code is loaded and a hit is placed in our database for that site. Unique hits are tracked with cookies and ip logging. Sites are ranked by unique hits daily, your site must have at least 1 unique hit to show on the top50. If the list is full and your site still isn't showing, that means another site has more unique hits then your site.

Privacy: This top50 sets a cookie and tracks IP numbers of visitors to your site. This is completly safe, they can disable cookie logging in there browser if the user wishes. NO info is used for Novahq.net, other then to rank the top50 novalogic fan/squad sites.

Cheating: This system sets a cookie on the useres computer and tracks the users IP address. If the IP address is in our database, or the cookie is on the users computer the top50 will not log the hit as unique. This system also tracks refers for each site, just incase we have suspicion that the code is not placed only on one site. Refers are set everytime the code is loaded, the id, along with the refer are logged and they should all come from the same domain the id is for.

Who can join?: Any delta force related site can join this top50! As long as you have somthing to do with Delta Force.