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By SHI XUAN DFBHDTS SP 228 Downloads Added 02/02/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

Dark Dust Mission#4 Promise Bell
Happy New Year! This is Shi Xuan!From this map onwards, it will be a continuous mission.
Note to play: You must run the wac file
The background of the Dark Dust series of homemade drawings has been explained in the in-game briefing. Please press U in the game to view.
Have fun!

By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 272 Downloads Added 01/26/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Deep position v1.1.5
This is my third map (official version 1.1.5), This map was made on a whim last Saturday. And then I also invested some time. The content of this map is different from the previous two maps., This time there is no large span and large-scale transfer. And this is a new series to destroy the Aideed plan series., The number of people is still full. There's no big problem on the map. The production time is 7 days. And the production of special operations has more content than special operations., Of course, there are still mission areas. The difference is that I make maps with few general failure conditions., But this time there are 4 failure conditions., This map features, The enemy fire interval is 1. So don't underestimate the enemy, if you are not careful, it may give you seconds, the process is not too long, the shortest time is 10 minutes, the normal is 12 to 16 minutes, the process time is also decent, the difficulty of the map is on the low side, and it will not be so stressful, okay, don't talk nonsense, I wish you a happy game! Good luck with 5-1 and 2-1 teams!

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 205 Downloads Added 01/24/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

cut the grass
enclosed cqb or sniper map have fun and enjoy

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 198 Downloads Added 01/24/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

hornet hotel
hello and checkin to the hornet hotel this is a five star hotel with twin helicopter pads and consists of the main hotel and two twin extension buildings named the hornets nest. this could easy be cqb or sniper as with my other maps most objects explode when shot at, hope you have many hours of fun and enjoy

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 225 Downloads Added 01/22/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

patrol the base
please enjoy playing this small cqb or sniper map you can go out to the outside towers but be carefull of the mines.
as with most of my maps most items explode when shot.
thanks for playing

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 251 Downloads Added 01/22/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

0ff shore oil complex
have fun with this stand alone off shore oil complex ideal cqb or small sniper as with most of my maps quite a lot of objects explode when shot enjoy playing

By CROCO DFBHDTS SP 430 Downloads Added 12/25/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Bloody X-Mas: Under Attack
Hello all! And merry Christmas all!
Today I want to show you my X-mas theme mission. Your task is to protect Santa's village which was under terrorist attack.
This mission has spectacular intro and outro, fireworks and a lot of special effects.
Please, download ammo.def to bhd folder from this archive to make fireworks work. Also you need to download music for this map via this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1foWt2pA0uTb8ePwaG9QdiYhdHD2G0MjH/view?usp=drive_link
And also please rate and comment)

By Menrva DFBHD DM, TDM 432 Downloads Added 12/24/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Xbox Multiplayer Maps
I am proud to offer the first ever conversion of all additional multiplayer maps from the Xbox version of Delta Force Black Hawk Down. The conversions are extremely accurate to the original maps, with only few cases in which the environment type and water levels had to be reconstructed by watching Xbox footage of the maps being played online. Unused .til tiles have been restored where available. The Siege TDM map only offered one layout, so I created an additional B version with the spawn points inverted for Blue and Red teams, just like all other TDM maps from the PC version of Delta Force Black Hawk Down.

13 Deathmatch maps:
-Boot Camp
-Boot Camp X
-Crash X
-Dock X
-Island X

1 Team Deathmatch map:

by Menrva (https://www.moddb.com/members/menrva/mods)

By Deere Beckweiss JOTR SP 459 Downloads Added 12/12/2023 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: JO BHD Somali Mod

Deere Uprising
Deere Uprising

Author: Deere Beckweiss
Date: January 1, 1993
Loction: the Equestria
Terrian: Desert City

Marble Pie was kidnapped by a Mafia. They put her in a second transport vehicle. And send her to the brothel. The convoys
will leave the city in 15 minutes. Before the motorcade leaves the city, must rescue Marble Pie.

1. Arrive at the checkpoint;
2. Kill all enemies at checkpoints;
3. Ambush the convoy and prevent the
vehicles and move on;
4. Find the second transporter and rescue
Marble Pie;
5. Take someone to the helicopter area
and leave the city in a small helicopter.
Finally arrive safely.

By jabo1SFH JOE TDM 443 Downloads Added 12/10/2023 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: International Conflict

Double Barrel
Remake of Novalogic's Double Barrel map from BHD. Original map by Jason Tull from NL. JO:IC port by jabo1SFH.

By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 516 Downloads Added 12/03/2023 Updated 12/30/23 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Capture of Paulo v1.3.1
This map is my second map (official version 1.3.1) Update content: I saw some people comment that the map is too big to enter. So, I deleted some buildings and moved some things. At present, the author himself has tested it and can enter (Rewind the version for a moment. At the moment, it seems that some people can enter this map, some people can't, and some of my friends can play my map, and some can't The preliminary judgment should be that the memory is insufficient, resulting in the item entity not being able to load, so it is impossible to enter the map So there's nothing I can do about it If you're the kind of person who can't get in, then remove /d from the map, but some things won't work, so it's up to you My running memory is 16G). and it is also the most time-consuming map so far, the production time is 3 months (actually two months, the middle pigeon is a month), and it is also the second map of the decapitation of the three major boss series, the name of the series is after the release of the first map special operation thought to make a series, the prequel is a special operation, this map has many enemies less than 685 more than 1200 or so, the difficulty of this map personally feels medium and high, but also uses some new things, warm tips: The briefing is not up-to-date, because the appearance of Paul's plane had to make the command change the plan, so some places do not match the actual situation of the briefing, and at the same time, some places in the map should be archived and read the file, otherwise there will be some voice play half a sentence or not play directly, such as teammates bombing the barricade is to be archived and read the file, otherwise the voice will not be broadcast directly, and there is a tactic in front of the artillery area to be archived, or the voice may only play half a sentence, and then when evacuating, When coming to pick up the player's Black Hawk, save it to avoid being hit by enemies and moving. There are some save tips in the game. At the same time, it is also the largest map I made, the current WAC of this map is written 774 lines, and the event of the map is used 181, and the map in order to avoid players from entering the mission area in advance, but also added a teleportation mechanism, teleporting players back to the corresponding location, to avoid bugs, but also added 7 mission areas, when you go out of the mission area, there will be a voice reminder. If the teammates are slow in the early stage, Then you don't have to wait because the teammates are not in the corresponding area will teleport over, If you won't teleport, Play the homemade map, please create a shortcut to the game base and then add a space/d to the path of the shortcut attribute to play the homemade map normally (if you have already done it, you can leave it alone),There are quite a few events in the middle and late stages of the game that are triggered by players and teammates, So don't go too fast to avoid bugs. At the same time, I personally felt a little stressed in the early middle and late stages, so I strengthened the accuracy of my teammates and slightly reduced the accuracy of the enemy in the later evacuation stage. Then the basic normal play time of this map is 30~60 minutes or longer, so it is best to calm down before playing, so I wish everyone a happy play on this map! Good luck with 5-1 team and 2-1 team!

By nickk DFBHD DM 592 Downloads Added 11/27/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Small cqb sniper map plenty sniper spot Enjoy....

By Deere Beckweiss DFBHDTS SP 686 Downloads Added 11/25/2023 Updated 11/26/23 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

Introvert. 2 - Escaping
Date: February 2, 2003, 6:00 am

Location: Pyongyang, North Korea
Terrain: City
Weather: Sunny and windy
Enemy: People's army of Korea, Ulanqab Army, North Korean Special Forces
Friendly: None
Who: Big Mclntosh and Marble Pie
Basic load: M4A1, MK23 SOCOM, C4 explosive bag
Evil: Shi Xiaoming, North Korean General, Zhang Yuyuan

Big Mclntosh rescued the Marble Pie. They left the enemy's prison in armored vehicles. The armored vehicle they were driving was destroyed by the enemy's RPG rocket launcher on the way. Fortunately, Big Mclntosh and Marble Pie survived. They both stole the enemy's transport vehicle and arrived at the dock. They plan to blow up North Korea's submarine and escape in a rubber boat. You control player Big Mclntosh and leave Pyongyang with Marble Pie!

1. Quickly arrive at the dock;
2. Blow up the bridge to prevent enemy pursuit;
3. Destroy North Korea's submarine;
4. Leaving Pyongyang in a rubber boat.";

By You Shiyan DFBHDTS SP 711 Downloads Added 11/19/2023 5 Comments PermaLink

Broken wall   #03
Because your team has gone deep into Aideed's territory under the strategy of great depth, you are close to the occupied area of Aided's top general. Because there are anti-aircraft guns in the city, you can't provide air assistance, and the limited troops can't provide support.
Good luck!

By CROCO DFBHDTS SP 747 Downloads Added 11/13/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Hotel Wars - SP
Hello all! After a two years break I made a new map^^
Moreover, it is the craziest map I ever made!
Two hotels full of bombs, traps, baits and bandits!
The hardest part in this map is upstairs grenade launcher crew who rabidly shooting down everything! Real challenge!
Also I added various special effects such as colored smoke and fog, quakes, sounds and after-death animation which looks very fun!
Just enjoy.
***About bugs. I know very strange bug when player goes down through the floor. Sometimes it happens because there are too many organic inside the hotel, and game stops counting this big number of collisions. If it happens - just wait. It will end soon. But if you really stuck - replay.
Soooo, good luck, soldiers!
Rate and comment and especially comment if you find any bug.

By Deere Beckweiss DFBHDTS SP 809 Downloads Added 11/03/2023 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

This map is in single player mode of the Delta Force-Black Hawk Down-Team Sabre-NSOmod (DFBHDTS NSOmod)

author: Deere Beckweiss
Date: February 1, 2003, 12:00 midnight
Location: Pyongyang, North Korea
Terrain: City
Weather: Night, cold
Enemy: People's army of Korea
Friendly: None
Who: Big Mclntosh
Hostage: Marble Pie
Basic load: M4A1-SD, MK23 SOCOM-SD, C4 explosive bag, Claymore
Evil: People's army of Korea, North Korean General, North Korean Captain, North Korean Special Forces

Marble Pie was captured by North Korean agents while traveling in South Korea and used as a hostage to rule the Equestria.
They locked in the capital of the Equestria with missile launches. The player character you want to operate is Big Mclntosh.
Your mission is to infiltrate North Korea and reach Pyongyang. Find the Korea People's Army missile and destroy it. Then go to the concentration camp to rescue Marble Pie. Take the Marble Pie and leave this damn place.

1. To destroy the Korean People's Army surface-to-surface missile;
2. Go to the prison to rescue Marble Pie;
3. Take the Marble Pie and make a quick getaway in the enemy's armored car.

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 771 Downloads Added 10/27/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

monkey shoot out
enclosed sniper or cqb map with shooters and exploding barrels and claymores when shot at please enjoy and have fun

By mal2421 DFBHDTS DM 746 Downloads Added 10/27/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

sniper in the woods
enjoy this simple sniper in the woods map contains shooters and savilians. the barrels and claymores explode when shot.
please have fun.

By nickk DFBHD DM 772 Downloads Added 10/23/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Thats why nobody like you
Another sniper cqb open map Enjoy .. all comments welcome..

By TrAybars DFBHD DM 824 Downloads Added 10/23/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Abandoned City
This is my second dead match map, the map is on the shore.

-Max Player: 10
-Map time: Noon
-Terrain: Desert, city

By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 873 Downloads Added 10/21/2023 1 Comment PermaLink

Special Action
This map is my first official map. The map took seven days to make, when the early Black Hawk landed, slow down during the radio, coordinate with teammates to trigger events, let the golf-3 fly away or there will be no victory, Also, let the teammate go to the next path point or player, so you have to wait for the teammate to reach the end of the path point, and then you get close to them to trigger the next event. There are also generators that can not be blown up, but radio stations and communication towers must be blown up. I wish the players who play a happy game! Good luck, 5-1!

Note: I am a novice who has just learned the editor for a short time, and there may be some bugs

By Deere Beckweiss DFBHDTS SP 901 Downloads Added 10/21/2023 1 Comment PermaLink

Smash the plot
Date: January 2, 2003, 6:20 PM
Location: New Century Prison, Equestria
Terrain: Desert City
Weather: scorching
Enemy: The bandits and warlord police of Yingtai Ichiro, New Century Army, The Yellow drug dealer
Friendly: Bandit's Inner Ghost (Informant)
Who: Marble Pie
Hostage: Big Mclntosh
Basic load: MP5 SD3, Shotgun, AT4 Rocket

Marble Pie's boyfriend Big Mclntosh was captured by the militia of Yingtai Yilang and taken to the New Century Prison. There, Big Mclntosh was cruelly abused and tortured by bad people. The character you will play is Marble Pie, and your mission is to go to the New Century Prison to bring out Big Mclntosh and have the informant show you the way.She knows where the New Century Prison is, and she also hates Yingtai Yilang. Rescue Big Mclntosh and kill the despicable Yingtai Yilang and his two villains at the same time. Finally, take the informant's truck and leave the city.

By Deere Beckweiss DFLW SP 845 Downloads Added 10/21/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Save Marble and Anwena
Date: February 22, 2000
Location: Yakuza rural area
The abnormal Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi kidnapped Marble Pie and Anwena. Yamaguchi Group will take two poor girls to the torture room tomorrow for cruel public execution.The mission of Mclntosh (Player) is to go to the rural areas of Japan to rescue the two girls. You take girls to the river area where Japanese fished, and finally arrived at the evacuation site by rubber raft.Before you save the hostages, kill Liu Xuan, the boss of the underworld, and his partner Liu Yang, the fat man. And Xiong Da, who is also the culprit.Be careful. There are many snipers in that place.Take AC-130. It will take you over the target area. Don't forget your parachute. Good luckļ¼
**** Japanese!

By TrAybars DFBHD SP 894 Downloads Added 10/19/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

2 Uptaded Mission
I think this maps should be uptaded.
Uptaded Maps: Enemy Propaganda, Command Vehicles

-New areas added
-Unecessary decorations deleted
-Secret Place (Command Vehicles)
-Enemy sounds
-New dialogs
-Bugs fixed

By Yan Shiyan DFBHDTS SP 954 Downloads Added 10/18/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

draw the snake out #1
Because of the increasing influence of American troops in the local area, Aideed regime headed by rebels felt the crisis, organized terrorist attacks in the suburbs and attacked the United Nations humanitarian rescue convoy. You and your team need to rescue the convoy, and there may be enemies stopping you on the way.