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By TrAybars DFBHDTS SP 16 Downloads Added 11/28/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Drug Cargo Takedown
Mission Briefing:

Drug Cargo Takedown
Time:1330 Hours
Location:Mandayo - Colombia

Situationrug smugglers and guarellas making drug trade with other countries block this traffic and destroy Drug Leader's ships.Then rescue boat come for your team and your team will exfil area.

Commanders Order:
Friendly casulties and move away from mission area not tolerated.

By zinKR DF2 SP 78 Downloads Added 11/18/2021 Updated 11/21/21 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink


1.Rescue hostage and our spy.
They will give you directions.

2.Remove enemy commanders and enemy bases
with laser guided bomb.

* Our spy will be killed 4 minutes after the start.
* Watch out for landmines.

By DF:BHD DFBHD TDM 87 Downloads Added 11/16/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

The Yard
A walled in map made by Molle with 2 psp's. Suite Gunner, Medic and CQB.. Sniper can shoot from end but wont get very high points.

Could become a hectic map with lots of players and if everybody goes for the psp's.

Hope you enjoy.

By KM Cpt COOTIES DFX CO-OP 140 Downloads Added 11/09/2021 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

DFXso WATERFRONT map #5 in the series
***NOTE**** Special sound files to add to game play have been added, like i did in map COOTIES#A, some maybe reproduced from that map here, DONOT panic if you get an overwrite error message when unpacking into your game, GO AHEAD it is just the sound files. Make sure you put the sound files in with your game files.Overwite error may just be the files from COOTIES#A
Okay deep covert insertion via Mini-Sub into the heart of the enmy's territory.
Your MISSION is to take out all the re-supply they have loaded on ships ready for dispatch.
Neutralise their FUEL SUPPLIES ,
Disable the Submarine fleet if possible
Stop the movement of any Bulk Processed Ore
and destroy any Ground Based resupply.

By KM Cpt COOTIES DFX CO-OP 133 Downloads Added 11/08/2021 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

DFXso Guns of Navarone
DFXso GUNS of NAVARONE This Island Fortress blocks our approach through the Navarone Straits. Assault the entire Island, make sure you have plenty of time, this is an huge map.
Insertion is via Submarine, take the Beach Bunker first, should be marked as "F" on your spin map.
Once F has been taken the tunnels will open up
Work way through tunnels, tunnel intersections are labelled (Baa-Baa-Baa) so you do not get lost.
As you destroy targets other sections of the map will open up, so should you NOT be able to proceed, it is because you need to complete a task.. Messages pop up as you play and game instruction are available if you push the "I" key. Good Luck
This is Map #4 in the story.

By By Indonesia DFBHDTS SP 187 Downloads Added 11/07/2021 Updated 11/08/21 5 Comments PermaLink

Hopelees Mile
Hopelees Mile
Date:August 03, 2010- 2400 hours
Location: Kharq Island, Iran.

Intel has located suspicious operations of AL Qaeda being carried out with Iran.We sent one of our CIA agents to Iran and he has not reported back.
Intel has identified General Abdul Karim Hashim,who has pledged the Iranians alliance with Al-Qaeda ,responsible for supplying arms and soldiers to AL Qaeda.However,his exact location is unknown.
You will be inserted via MH-5 into Kharq Island and since we do not have sufficient Intel for this Operation,your main objective is to gather intel.Rescue our CIA agent as well and kill the Iranian General after you are aware of his location.
This is a black OP stealth mission,so no teammates no Medivacs and you must not blow your cover


1) when it sounds like a siren, it means that you have been caught by the enemy

2) So you have to kill the enemy silently, if the enemy sees you your siren sounds and you lose, because the weather is very dark at night the enemy can hear your footsteps, but the enemy cannot see you

By TrAybars DFBHD SP 203 Downloads Added 11/07/2021 Watch video 3 Comments PermaLink

Strong Fire
Strong Fire
Time:1230 Hours
Location:Garove Somalia

Situation:Somalian soldiers took officers.They know very important informations.Don't allow somalians take this information to officers.Then go to city garage and destroy all vehicles to another attack from somalian soldiers.Be careful for ambush!!

Dont forget to leave a comment my video and subscribe my channel

By DF:BHD DFBHD TDM 162 Downloads Added 11/03/2021 Updated 11/10/21 3 Comments PermaLink

Vikings Bridge to Valhalla
On this map you start inside a Hotel building. Then run up the stairs and on to the bridge. It is all about fighting over PSP.

The map fit, gunners, Cqbs, Medics ofcorse there will be some snipers too.

Lots of kills, deaths and medic saves can be gained on this map.

Please do not change name of or edit the map..

Edit: Map updated with taller bridge, you can not get from PSP to balcony with spawn armour all the way.

This map require some medic works too..

By KM Cpt COOTIES DFX CO-OP 182 Downloads Added 11/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

My 3rd DFXso map Another Co-Op ISLAND ASSAULT is an Island the enemy are using to mine the Ore they need for their ammunition shells. Good Luck Do your best to stop them producing the mineral ore .

By KM Cpt COOTIES DFX CO-OP 180 Downloads Added 11/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

This is a Co-Op map. I have tried a few ideas using teleports,
The map is part two to my first map COOTIES#A.The original map COOTIES was too lge for the DFX game engine so i broke it in half to #A and #B.

Your mission involves telepoting into the interior of some buildings that have no interiors, i have created them. If this style works i will incorporate the idea into more of my DFX so maps.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 232 Downloads Added 10/31/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Magrucho Villa Assault
Last Mission in Campaign:

We have located the whereabouts of Magrucho Paulo on his private island just off the Colombian coast. You have to infiltrate his fortified Villa Compound by boat and kill/capture him and destroy all drugs and weapons. They will be heavily armed with technicals, Hummers, RHIBs, emplacements and 2 armed Little Birds. Eliminate the Gun Trucks for a helicopter assault and then concentrate every man inside the Villa to get Paulo. There will be civilian servants inside so watch your fire once you are in the Villa. Good Luck.

Special Thanks to: IcIshoot and Dataspiller from NOVA Discord for fixing a hell lot of problems.

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS CO-OP 230 Downloads Added 10/29/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

irene coop
my irene map (coop version) i hope you like it

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 266 Downloads Added 10/25/2021 Updated 11/07/21 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

irene update
i try to update it and add something i hope you like it

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 270 Downloads Added 10/23/2021 Updated 11/06/21 Add Comment PermaLink

Airfield Raid
Twelfth mission in campaign:

You have to do assault in the dead of the night on Magrucho Paulo's airfield. You're going in a convoy of four HMMWVs. Destroy all weapons, ammunitions, drugs, vehicles but not the meat.

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 341 Downloads Added 10/11/2021 3 Comments PermaLink

last pilot
i try to change map style in this map i hope you like it
(Oh and one more thing can someone teach me something about the music in this game, I have coded and music var the song it doesn't play any music please help me )

By Creator DFBHD SP 442 Downloads Added 10/09/2021 Watch video 3 Comments PermaLink

Unfinished Negotiations
Unfinished Negotiations
Date: October 2, 1993 - 1250 hours
Location: Mogadishu border, slums

The Somali militia has requested negotiations with us. Delta team 5-1 will be sent, together with our diplomat and two armored vehicles, to the meeting area. Delta 5-3 will be around the area as a precaution. We do not know the true intentions of the militia so the situation could degenerate. If needed, there are little birds ready to attack and extraction vehicles ready to get the men out of there!

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 374 Downloads Added 10/09/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

super61 crash
my super61crash map i hope you like it(i think my super64 map and last stand it to hard if you want it send email to "loas12341@gmail.com" then i can send my map to you)

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 403 Downloads Added 10/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

We have discovered that the enemy forces have started rebuilding command centers and sat comm. camps all over the sector. Your orders are simple we know from recon that they are storing money that they stold on these islands without money they can't build up any forces.Pick up any assets which you think we may need. Your job is to free any hostages ,steal all the money you find and destroy any weapons .
Good luck. Bravo team

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 429 Downloads Added 10/02/2021 3 Comments PermaLink

lost convoy
after irene map i hope you enjoy with it [super61 crash next then super64 and last stand and mogadishu mile]

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 452 Downloads Added 09/30/2021 Updated 10/01/21 5 Comments PermaLink

this is my first map with By Indonesia we tried to do of our best i hope you like it [ lost convoy coming soon] easy now

By By Indonesia DFBHD SP 421 Downloads Added 09/30/2021 Updated 09/30/21 Add Comment PermaLink

Strafe Run (LITTLE BIRD)
Little Bird strafing run without rockets.

By Red Lassam DFBHDTS SP 463 Downloads Added 09/25/2021 4 Comments PermaLink

Hello all,
Found this mission on my hard drive. Made it many years ago.
Nice mission on an island, no bin.file added, 8 goals to complete:
1) Kill all targets in the bunker.
2) Destroy radio and antenna.
3) Destroy weapon emplacements.
4) Destroy weapon crates.
5) Destroy technicals.
6) Find documents.
7) Eliminate all targets in the hotel.
8) Reach final way point.
Mission has been tested and runs fine. Most welcome to test your skills in Arezou.
Good luck soldier. Map created by Red Lassam.

By Creator DF2 SP 427 Downloads Added 09/23/2021 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Numerical Inferiority
We have located a training base under the control of professional mercenaries. The main targets are the officers, after taking them out, you must clear the base of all enemies.

By CybeR SoldieR JOTR SP, CO-OP 497 Downloads Added 09/20/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation B line
Those pesky rebels are at it again, the missions simple, hunt them down , smokem out, kill`em .
1. Destroy all enemey vehicles
2. Destroy all fuel supplies
3. Destroy the command centre
4. Destroy all weapons dumps

This is a straight out typhoon rising map, no mod needed.

By Creator DF2 SP 491 Downloads Added 09/14/2021 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Uncertain Objective
Unreliable sources have told us that an enemy convoy carrying a viral weapon to be used against the population is on its way. Stop that convoy and look for the possible weapon.