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Old 05-15-2021, 04:55 PM
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Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite Early Access 4.0

Early Access 4.0 : New Game mode and more!

Early Access 4.0 is now out! As we get closer to the full game release, this new update introduces a new game mode: Team Conquer, as well as several improvements, content, tweaks and fixes to the game.

EDDIE, our upcoming custom map maker, based on Unreal Engine 4 platform, which is the most asked feature by the community, is now completed. We're currently working on the documentation, tutorials and file system clean up to reduce the HD Requirements for the tool. We've also completed the integration with our server manager tool, to create a seamless experience for map makers and server hosts. EDDIE will be subject of a separate release, first dropping to the map makers who have signup on our official forums, www.taskforceelite.com, up to March 15, as alpha testers for the tool. We will get in touch with the testers in the coming days, after we address any issues or bugs that may arise of this new update 4.0

We'll continue to polish and debug the game further in coming weeks, before we announce the date for the full game release. Thank you for your support.

The full changelog:

-New Game Mode: Team Conquer
-New map overhaul: Pharaoh (Team Conquer)
-Added Team Conquer support to multiple existing maps
-Added addition check for storage access to fix the - infinite access to storage
-Adjusted outpost spawn armor: reduced by half
-Increased time cooldown for spawning on outposts
-Updated personal profile stats from official to global
-Added delay after applying class change from storage
-Fixed E outpost display issue
-Game voices overhaul
-HUD TKOTH display bug fix (experimental)
-Abandoned Airbase zone setup overhaul (to attempt a fix on zone bug displaying wrong number of players inside)
-Replaced duplicated rank images for general classes
-Update to server tool to fix auto-crash and add Team Conquer

Team Conquer.
How it works?

-There is a new type of objective: Checkpoint.

a) Checkpoints work differently than the traditional Outposts. Checkpoints come in two forms: Spawnable and non-Spawnable. The icon for both is slightly different.

b) If you attempt to conquer a Checkpoint, you touch the flag pole but you need to make sure that there isn't enemies inside the zone of the checkpoint (yellow area on radar/map). If enemies are inside the zone, the progress bar to conquer the checkpoint is halted, and it resumes once you eliminate all enemies from the zone.

c) Some maps are using large zones while other maps are using small zones. This is experimental to better understand the game flow on both styles.

d) If your team holds all checkpoints, the timer starts counting, and after a certain period of time, if you continue to hold all checkpoints, you win immediately

e) If a team holds all checkpoints, and the timer is counting, but the enemy touches the flag pole of one of the checkpoints, the timer is halted. It only resets if the enemy successfully conquer the checkpoint.

f) Bots will now attempt to conquer checkpoints and play for objectives

Have fun!
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Old 01-28-2022, 12:19 AM
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Old 01-29-2022, 02:33 AM
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you are lucky i am not an admin here.

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Old 08-28-2022, 11:12 PM
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Hi All,
I started playing this last week, despite still not complete, the game is fun.

I played Delta Force Land Warrior through to DF:Xtreme, and if you want to feel the same nostalgic gameplay with a modern graphics look, then i recommended this.

Hope more of the community get onboard.

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