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By Shemihazah JOTR SP 1,639 Downloads Added 12/27/2019 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

Bear Grylls - Teambuilding
Tom Clancy meets Joint Ops!



- Observe your enemy and avoid early detection.
- Room takedown commands apply to the three bunkers and the airfield control tower.
- Use the SUVs at the bunkers to turn your team into a powerful combat unit.

Playtime: At least 45 minutes. Take your time!
Zombies: Hell no
Death zones: Of course not!
Difficulty: Veteran

So who is Gunther88, I hear no one asking????
- Gunther88 claims I don't understand this game, so I typed GUNTHER in the youtube search pane. Even the best comedy writer couldn't have made this up.

♪♬ I'm not Justin Bieber, bitch! ♬♪