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By Shemihazah JOTR SP, CO-OP 1,860 Downloads Added 12/06/2019 Updated 12/16/19 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SGMod

SG Maze Runner
<!-- UPDATE 12-16-2019 -->
• NEW: Flawless victory bonus Pacman level 2
• BUGFIX: Teleport fail resolved - my apologies to those who played the buggy version! It should be spot on now.

• KNOWN BUGS: AI sometimes can't find their way back to their waypointlist. Any possible resolution requires too much code, so no fix. Impact: minimal.

Please leave a comment or PM me if you think you have found another bug so I can look into it.
<!-- EOM -->

The Stargate version of Maze Runner.

Rescripted and rebuilt for your entertainment.

Simply follow onscreen instructions.

- Sometimes it's better to hide and lay low.
- Grievers have a terrible short term memory.

NB: This script only supports ONE player. You can load the COOP version via the LAN menu if you need an extra challenge or for kill stats at the end.