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By Shemihazah JOTR SP 3,705 Downloads Added 12/06/2019 Updated 12/14/19 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

Crimea War - Air Force AW SP
Here's the AW2 version of Crimea War - Air Force. Enjoy!

- Seven win/lose conditions!
- No death zones!
- Free roaming!

This battle will unfold with or without your participation. If you just want to watch, sit back and kick your feet up.

This map has a hidden objective for explorers

List of characters:

Roger Wilco (Sierra Games - Space Quest)
King Graham (Sierra Games - King's Quest)
Sonny Bonds (Sierra Games - Police Quest)
Larry Laffer (Sierra Games - Lazy Larry)
Guybrush Threepwood (Broderbund - Monkey Island)
Tommmy Angelo (Illusion Softworks - Mafia I)
Carl Johnson (Rockstar - GTA San Andreas)
Sam Fisher (Ubisoft - Splintercell)

This map is excellent if you want to learn how to fly helicopters in air combat!