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By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 82 Downloads Added 09/08/2021 Updated 09/17/21 2 Comments PermaLink

Night assault mission#3 :operations typhoon rising
This is my first map that I've tried to change the way I play a bit and hope you like it. update
1.black hawk group
2.more enemy

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 127 Downloads Added 09/04/2021 2 Comments PermaLink

night assault mission#2
this mission is so easy you just board .50cal on humvee to protect your team be careful''RPG''

By Dragonkingคนไทย DFBHDTS SP 134 Downloads Added 09/04/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

night assault mission#1
this is my first mission i hope you enjoy
ผมเป็นคนไทยน่ะคร บ ผมดูช่อง "pokpong island" ทำให้ผมรูสึกอยาก ำภารกิจด้วยตัวเอ บ้าง

By By Indonesia DFBHDTS SP 274 Downloads Added 08/19/2021 Updated 08/19/21 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation : Swamp Leader
Operation Swamp Leader
Location : Habr Gedir, Somalia

This mission is assigned to protect the hostages and the fallen black hawk down, so you as a survivor must carry out this mission until you win, this mission has many challenges to complete. REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED BY COMMAND ERWIN

By Red Lassam DFBHDTS SP 286 Downloads Added 08/17/2021 2 Comments PermaLink

No escape
Your safe house is under attack. Kill all incoming bandits. Follow your waypoints to complete the mission. Winning goals: kill all targets and reach your final waypoint by heli. No bin.file added. Short mission. Good luck soldier!!!

Put this in tour target file: Delta Force Black Hawk DownDFBHD.EXE" /d

By Ronin76 DFBHDTS DM, TDM 230 Downloads Added 08/15/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

CQB,Gunner,Sniper. I used to make larger maps about 15 years ago but just started again and am making mostly for LAN and small online servers. This one is short and intended for at least 8 players.

By Ronin76 DFBHDTS DM 182 Downloads Added 08/15/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Another short map. Intended for LAN play with about 8 players but should work well for a small online server. Fun for CQB,Gunner and Sniper.

By Ronin76 DFBHDTS DM 223 Downloads Added 08/15/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Circle Jerk
Fast paced ,short map. Good for CQB,Gunner and maybe sniper.
Designed for LAN play for up to 8 players but could hold more for a small online game.

By By Indonesia DFBHDTS DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, CTF, FB, AD, SD, AS, C&C 247 Downloads Added 08/12/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

CQB Hell
Map of CQB Hell. Have a nice play

By By Indonesia DFBHDTS SP 380 Downloads Added 08/02/2021 7 Comments PermaLink

Harbour Assault
Hello everyone, so this map is made by a dfbdmed coworker, I hope you guys like it

By By Cheator DFBHDTS SP 379 Downloads Added 07/27/2021 Updated 08/05/21 Add Comment PermaLink

Mission New (1)
Hello everyone, I haven't uploaded a new map for a long time, so this time I'm still active to make dfbhdmed, I'm from Indonesia, and where are you from?

By Red Lassam DFBHDTS SP 378 Downloads Added 07/26/2021 5 Comments PermaLink

Judgement day
Hello all,
This is a map I posted on Delta Force Barracks in 2006.
Hard map in Single player . Please enjoy.
For more action feel free to play on my BHD server 107th CQB.
All comments are welcome on redlassam@hotmail.com.
Thanks for downloading.

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 516 Downloads Added 07/21/2021 Watch video 8 Comments PermaLink

Normandy Landings
Normandy Landings
Date: June 6, 1944 - 0630 hours
Location: Utah beach, coastal area

One of the largest amphibious invasions in history is about to begin. Our aim is to open a second front in Europe, free France from the Nazi occupation and move towards Germany. Multiple infantry divisions will be entered by sea with LCVP assault boats. The infantry will first have to conquer the beach and then break through the German lines. Good luck.

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 708 Downloads Added 06/27/2021 Watch video 3 Comments PermaLink

Date: May 29, 2004 - 1445 hours
Location: Colombian coast.

During a reconnaissance mission, Romeo 9's Black Hawk was hit by an RPG and crashed into enemy territory. Your team will be sent to rescue the survivors and get them out of there. Keep in touch with the command, it may assign you additional tasks.

By TrSniper DFBHDTS SP 1,027 Downloads Added 05/16/2021 8 Comments PermaLink

Rebel Mountain Stronghold - REWORKED
One of the most difficult mission in BHD history. Rebel Mountain Stronghold is an unforgettable mission with a lot of bugs and glitches that maybe a lot of players did not notice. It's also one of the most boring looking missions in my opinion. After reading a couple of negative comments about it under different youtube video's, I've decided to pick this one up and make it more friendly to play. While I was busy with it, I've noticed a lot of bugs and fixed everything I could or notice. A small example of what is changed in this version is that you have 5 instead of 3 saves. Plus I gave the overall look a better touch. In its core it is still the same mission with the cringe military chatter of Team Sabre. There is a list of fixes and changes in the download file. Take a look at it before playing it. I hope I've made something better out of it, or do you prefer the original version? Let me know in the comments and give it a rating. Have fun!

By CROCO DFBHDTS SP 1,086 Downloads Added 05/04/2021 Updated 06/23/21 5 Comments PermaLink

Your task is eliminate 4 enemy officers.
Their convoy will arrive soon to the enemy outpost.
Clear outpost and kill all arrived terrorists.
***You have 3 hidden goals to do. Can you find them?***
This is a big small map to explore...
Update 23.06.Added some missing files

By Swivelrocker DFBHDTS TDM 917 Downloads Added 04/30/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Chopper Town
Chopper Town is my first crack at mapping. I play a lot of TDM so this was made in mind. I like radical heights and built this into the map, spawn height positions are only reached by the enemy via chopper, meanwhile a savvy sniper can take a chopper ride out of town to the drug lords villa and drop to a ladder before ascending the sole stadium light tower for prime sniper positioning. A few different height locations are provided to access ground level PSPs, as well as ladder drop point and a couple of conveniently placed mid air grenade launchers. Finally, the centre PSP and surrounding buildings have their own set of challenges navigating a couple of static patrolling Mini Birds...watch out you don't get caught up in their propellers! As an add on I have provided planks, bunkers and watch towers for anyone falling through the wall in the stairwells. Glitch On! Feedback is appreciated...mostly I would like to have the choppers pause at the top of their routes.

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 1,820 Downloads Added 01/07/2021 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

End Of A Cartel
End Of A Cartel
Date: June 10, 2004 - 1000 hours
Location: Isla Paulo, Colombia.

Finally Antonio Paulo has been located, he hid in his villa on a small island not far from the coast. You will be placed together with your team via Black Hawk. Your first job is to disable all Antonio Paulo's means of escape, in order to trap him on the island. Once done, reach the villa and kill Antonio Paulo. When Antonio Paulo is neutralized, head north of the complex to the extraction point and secure it, you'll meet up there with Golf 3. Team Bravo will provide covering fire.

By blake DFBHDTS TDM 1,614 Downloads Added 01/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Small compact map full of containers. Beware of pits while sprinting! Ideal for 4-10 players.

By Bloodking DFBHDTS TDM 1,752 Downloads Added 12/24/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Grizzly Magnum
Please approve it quickly(FOR STAFF)

a map.

By Bloodking DFBHDTS TDM 1,873 Downloads Added 12/02/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Rolling thunder
Please approve it quickly (FOR STAFF)

a good CQB map.

lolling bhunder !!!!!

By Maverick_Y DFBHDTS SP 2,076 Downloads Added 11/25/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Pakistan Series-Retreat
The Second mission of Pakistan Series
I would have updated this map but it seems I don't have time to finish that recently. And I decide to send it out.

This map was finished by 2014 and its quality is not as good as my later missions. I'm still working on how to improve it. If you get some suggestions, please leave me a comment

By Bloodking DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 2,064 Downloads Added 11/07/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Please approve it quickly(FOR STAFF)

A good map ,thats all ,bye.

By Bloodking DFBHDTS DM, TDM, TKOTH 2,037 Downloads Added 10/30/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Stampede contain many roof access building and a tunnel too.Mostly roof battle .its good for dedicated server.Just download it .Thats it.

By Bloodking DFBHDTS TDM 2,019 Downloads Added 10/24/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Orange War
Please approve it quickly(FOR STAFF)

Some one orange sprayed you(like pepper spray) and blue and red has decided to clean their eyes with bullets.