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By CROCO DFBHDTS SP 1,635 Downloads Added 11/13/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Hotel Wars - SP
Hello all! After a two years break I made a new map^^
Moreover, it is the craziest map I ever made!
Two hotels full of bombs, traps, baits and bandits!
The hardest part in this map is upstairs grenade launcher crew who rabidly shooting down everything! Real challenge!
Also I added various special effects such as colored smoke and fog, quakes, sounds and after-death animation which looks very fun!
Just enjoy.
***About bugs. I know very strange bug when player goes down through the floor. Sometimes it happens because there are too many organic inside the hotel, and game stops counting this big number of collisions. If it happens - just wait. It will end soon. But if you really stuck - replay.
Soooo, good luck, soldiers!
Rate and comment and especially comment if you find any bug.