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By CROCO DFBHD TDM 101 Downloads Added 05/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Cruel Catacombs
Hey all!
This is large cave-type map with lots of details. 3 PSPs, hiding spots and many more!
Enjoy your game!

By CROCO DFBHD TDM 100 Downloads Added 05/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Small and mad hotel-wars type map.
there are no PSPs.
Good for knifers and keyboard ninjas.
Hope you will have fun.

By CROCO DFBHDTS SP 173 Downloads Added 05/04/2021 3 Comments PermaLink

Your task is eliminate 4 enemy officers.
Their convoy will arrive soon to the enemy outpost.
Clear outpost and kill all arrived terrorists.
***You have 3 hidden goals to do. Can you find them?***
This is a big small map to explore...