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By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 265 Downloads Added 01/26/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Deep position v1.1.5
This is my third map (official version 1.1.5), This map was made on a whim last Saturday. And then I also invested some time. The content of this map is different from the previous two maps., This time there is no large span and large-scale transfer. And this is a new series to destroy the Aideed plan series., The number of people is still full. There's no big problem on the map. The production time is 7 days. And the production of special operations has more content than special operations., Of course, there are still mission areas. The difference is that I make maps with few general failure conditions., But this time there are 4 failure conditions., This map features, The enemy fire interval is 1. So don't underestimate the enemy, if you are not careful, it may give you seconds, the process is not too long, the shortest time is 10 minutes, the normal is 12 to 16 minutes, the process time is also decent, the difficulty of the map is on the low side, and it will not be so stressful, okay, don't talk nonsense, I wish you a happy game! Good luck with 5-1 and 2-1 teams!