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By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 865 Downloads Added 10/21/2023 1 Comment PermaLink

Special Action
This map is my first official map. The map took seven days to make, when the early Black Hawk landed, slow down during the radio, coordinate with teammates to trigger events, let the golf-3 fly away or there will be no victory, Also, let the teammate go to the next path point or player, so you have to wait for the teammate to reach the end of the path point, and then you get close to them to trigger the next event. There are also generators that can not be blown up, but radio stations and communication towers must be blown up. I wish the players who play a happy game! Good luck, 5-1!

Note: I am a novice who has just learned the editor for a short time, and there may be some bugs

By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 265 Downloads Added 01/26/2024 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Deep position v1.1.5
This is my third map (official version 1.1.5), This map was made on a whim last Saturday. And then I also invested some time. The content of this map is different from the previous two maps., This time there is no large span and large-scale transfer. And this is a new series to destroy the Aideed plan series., The number of people is still full. There's no big problem on the map. The production time is 7 days. And the production of special operations has more content than special operations., Of course, there are still mission areas. The difference is that I make maps with few general failure conditions., But this time there are 4 failure conditions., This map features, The enemy fire interval is 1. So don't underestimate the enemy, if you are not careful, it may give you seconds, the process is not too long, the shortest time is 10 minutes, the normal is 12 to 16 minutes, the process time is also decent, the difficulty of the map is on the low side, and it will not be so stressful, okay, don't talk nonsense, I wish you a happy game! Good luck with 5-1 and 2-1 teams!

By sanmusen DFBHDTS SP 509 Downloads Added 12/03/2023 Updated 12/30/23 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Capture of Paulo v1.3.1
This map is my second map (official version 1.3.1) Update content: I saw some people comment that the map is too big to enter. So, I deleted some buildings and moved some things. At present, the author himself has tested it and can enter (Rewind the version for a moment. At the moment, it seems that some people can enter this map, some people can't, and some of my friends can play my map, and some can't The preliminary judgment should be that the memory is insufficient, resulting in the item entity not being able to load, so it is impossible to enter the map So there's nothing I can do about it If you're the kind of person who can't get in, then remove /d from the map, but some things won't work, so it's up to you My running memory is 16G). and it is also the most time-consuming map so far, the production time is 3 months (actually two months, the middle pigeon is a month), and it is also the second map of the decapitation of the three major boss series, the name of the series is after the release of the first map special operation thought to make a series, the prequel is a special operation, this map has many enemies less than 685 more than 1200 or so, the difficulty of this map personally feels medium and high, but also uses some new things, warm tips: The briefing is not up-to-date, because the appearance of Paul's plane had to make the command change the plan, so some places do not match the actual situation of the briefing, and at the same time, some places in the map should be archived and read the file, otherwise there will be some voice play half a sentence or not play directly, such as teammates bombing the barricade is to be archived and read the file, otherwise the voice will not be broadcast directly, and there is a tactic in front of the artillery area to be archived, or the voice may only play half a sentence, and then when evacuating, When coming to pick up the player's Black Hawk, save it to avoid being hit by enemies and moving. There are some save tips in the game. At the same time, it is also the largest map I made, the current WAC of this map is written 774 lines, and the event of the map is used 181, and the map in order to avoid players from entering the mission area in advance, but also added a teleportation mechanism, teleporting players back to the corresponding location, to avoid bugs, but also added 7 mission areas, when you go out of the mission area, there will be a voice reminder. If the teammates are slow in the early stage, Then you don't have to wait because the teammates are not in the corresponding area will teleport over, If you won't teleport, Play the homemade map, please create a shortcut to the game base and then add a space/d to the path of the shortcut attribute to play the homemade map normally (if you have already done it, you can leave it alone),There are quite a few events in the middle and late stages of the game that are triggered by players and teammates, So don't go too fast to avoid bugs. At the same time, I personally felt a little stressed in the early middle and late stages, so I strengthened the accuracy of my teammates and slightly reduced the accuracy of the enemy in the later evacuation stage. Then the basic normal play time of this map is 30~60 minutes or longer, so it is best to calm down before playing, so I wish everyone a happy play on this map! Good luck with 5-1 team and 2-1 team!