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By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 4,704 Downloads Added 03/07/2011 Updated 03/17/11 4 Comments PermaLink

OPERATION: Black Gold V2_U
A remake of my first DFX2 map (SP)Operation: Black Gold, with more sequences, resources, events, enclosed, etc.. Easier than the old one, but funner than the old one, added music. Download extra files for this map here: http://www.mediafire.com/?aza5usd86yoc6aa Have fun! and comment about this map.. (PS: UPDATED: fixed some bugs) Grenadier501

By grenadier501 JOTR SP, CO-OP 3,046 Downloads Added 04/04/2016 4 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

First Encounter: The Farm SP/Coop
World In Quarantine mod required!

A simple SP zombie invasion type map, for zombie lovers only. COOP version coming soon. Enjoy!

The coop adapted version of First Encounter: The Farm
harder than the sp version, more and faster zombies.
for zombie lovers only!

JUN-21-2016, 17:30 Hs
Jack's farm, 21 KM at east of Bloomington, Indiana.

''My name is Jack Slade, after another long afternoon of hard work harvesting corn, i wanted nothing but sit on a chair and relax.
But i heard some moanings and weird sounds outside, i think i'm not alone..
i better be ready for anything..''

By grenadier501 DFX2 DM, SP 5,431 Downloads Added 09/05/2010 5 Comments PermaLink

''Blue fox''---(mission pack)
these are snow missions. And includes a deathmatch map

By grenadier501 DFX2 DM 3,426 Downloads Added 08/13/2010 Add Comment PermaLink

DM_Floating platforms
Yes... Another DM map!

bla bla bla... bliblip :-p :-)

By grenadier501 JOE DM 3,052 Downloads Added 01/03/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

DM Old Train Station JOE
My old DFX2 DM map, now for JOE, 2013 version. 2 Armories , tunnels, 50 cals, and ammo power up. Have Fun

By grenadier501 JOTR SP 2,915 Downloads Added 08/27/2017 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: JO BHD Somali Mod

Single Player mission only for the mod Somali Conflict. Download the mod from here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=722

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 3,339 Downloads Added 12/12/2011 1 Comment PermaLink

TestMap - COD pain
TESTmap only! - testing the sensation of pain that the player feels with a call of duty style.. - this is only a testmap..

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 4,760 Downloads Added 01/23/2011 7 Comments PermaLink

OPERATION: Secret War Nº 12
Remaining files for this mission:


Your main objective is to destroy a russian nuclear missile and prevent it's launching
9 Levels of full action and 1 intro.
Have fun!

By grenadier501 DFBHD DM 3,582 Downloads Added 06/19/2014 3 Comments PermaLink

Short Streets - DM version
A small remake of Short Streets by *IRL* but for deathmatches only + some extra armories. Sorry Irl man, i couldn't help it

By grenadier501 JOTR DM 2,897 Downloads Added 10/21/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

DM - Indo village
10-21-13. A small-sized DM map for JOTR and JOE, with 5 armories, 2 .50 cals , and 2 ammo power up in the center. perfect for play with 4 - 10 friends in LAN or Nova.

By grenadier501 DFX2 DM 3,574 Downloads Added 08/13/2010 2 Comments PermaLink

DM_OLDTRAINSTATION is a very small DM map.

Contains only 2 armories, 1 mounted gun, 2 power up, and a tunnel.

A small map!

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 4,471 Downloads Added 05/08/2011 7 Comments PermaLink

At last I've finished No-Recoil (1month and 2 weeks). Your main objective is to escape from an arab city and then rescue a downed pilot. Download extra files for this map here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmz4np38pl1dtpj enjoy this map

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 5,150 Downloads Added 09/05/2010 Updated 09/06/10 2 Comments PermaLink

''Hawk nest''---(mission pack)
Here i have 3 desert missions. These are individual missions that don't follow a previous history such as those on the list of campaign missions. UPDATED: I had to update the ZIP due to an error in the WAC file. And I've added special END movies

By grenadier501 DFBHD DM 3,551 Downloads Added 10/19/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Sniper alley DM
another small remake of the classic and original sniper alley map by ATS priest, with small fixes and some more armories. This version is optimized for deathmatch only.. perfect for 4 to 10 players.. enjoy it

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 4,219 Downloads Added 06/18/2011 8 Comments PermaLink

DFX2 Manuel's Takedown
Manuels takedown finished in 8 days. This is a stealth mission where your objective is to infiltrate a villa in ecuador and take down a druglord called Manuel Corrales Savera. download extra files for this map here: http://www.mediafire.com/?utc8v1gw3c2pdhk
Have fun!

By grenadier501 DFBHD TDM, DM, TKOTH, FB 3,491 Downloads Added 02/08/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

A remake of the famous BHD Stadium Riot with a new Terrain Tile, perfect for Flagball. Added DM, TDM and TKOTK. NOTES: extract the files to your BHD folder and then run the file "Install terrain tile.bat"

By grenadier501 JOTR SP 2,950 Downloads Added 03/28/2016 3 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

Operation: Secret War - WIQ
World In Quarantine mod required!

"Your main objective is to destroy a russian nuclear missile and prevent it's launching.
9 Levels of quick action and 1 intro.
Have fun! "

my old DFX2 SP map converted to work with Wolrd In Quarantine Mod.
please report any bug.

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 5,047 Downloads Added 09/05/2010 Updated 09/16/10 3 Comments PermaLink

Jungle village---(Mission pack)
This ZIP contains three jungle missions : Infiltration, Demolition and Escape. All Demolition missions have a special feature : the teammante control, press the F4 key if you want your teammate hold the position or F3 to follow you. I had to update the ZIP due to an error in all .BMS

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 4,853 Downloads Added 08/07/2010 3 Comments PermaLink

OPERATION: black gold
Date: 18-september-1999
Situation: Rebels have taken control of an important oil pipeline and its main pumping station.
Workers in this complex have been taken hostage as well.
Objectives:-Infiltrate facility
-Go to underground tunnel and locate hostages
-Lead hostages to rescue zone

By grenadier501 JOTR SP, CO-OP 3,786 Downloads Added 12/24/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Flashstrike coop
dec-24-13 A small, easy & quick coop map for Jo:tr for play with your friends in LAN or nova.. infiltrate enemy island, destroy crates and radio equipment and get out. Watch out for enemy boats and respawning Ai s, works with JOE mod too.. .MIS file is included so if you want to check how i made the map or edit it go for it..

By grenadier501 DFX2 TDM, DM, SP, CO-OP 5,153 Downloads Added 12/26/2010 Updated 02/08/11 8 Comments PermaLink

OPERATION: Cold Justice_updated
SITUATION: The U.S. Air Force has discovered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a giant icebreaker that has been taken by a group of Russian terrorists. But you have only 15 minutes to do something!

To play this map you must download this file first!:

Is a ZIP file that contains misc files, but the wav and env files are required to play this mission

UPDATED: Added coop, dm and tdm

By grenadier501 JOTR SP 7,839 Downloads Added 02/04/2018 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: JO BHD Somali Mod

Radio Aidid
JOBHD Somali Conflict Mod required!

Radio Aidid is the fifth official BHD single player mission.

Radio Aidid
Date: September 3, 1993 - 0200 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

The Habr Gedir clan operates a radio station in Mogadishu that is broadcasting anti-U.N. propaganda throughout the region. You've been ordered to undertake a stealth raid after nightfall to take it off the air.

By grenadier501 DFX2 SP 4,655 Downloads Added 12/01/2010 Updated 04/28/11 2 Comments PermaLink

Rapid infiltration - (UPDATED)
This map, is just a single player version of the DFX2 deathmathch map 'Lost Temple'. The main objective,in this mission, is to recover the LAPTOP from the enemy temple, and return it to your jeep, that's why I call it "rapid infiltration."
NOTE: If you are someone who like to start shooting within three seconds of the start of the mission, you will not be fun on this map. Updated..

By grenadier501 JOTR SP 2,931 Downloads Added 08/29/2017 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: JO BHD Somali Mod

Marka Breakdown
JO BHD somali conflict mod required.

Date: February 16, 1993 - 1530 hours
Location: Marka Village, Jubba Valley

A UN convoy carrying food and supplies has broken down in the valley just north of Marka. It is suspected the militia members might try to raid the convoy and take the shipment for themselves. Board the waiting Humvee and proceed to their location. Protect the convoy and escort it to its destination.

By grenadier501 JOTR SP 2,885 Downloads Added 03/27/2016 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

World In Quarantine DFX1 style map pack
'World In Quarantine' Mod required! you can find the mod at the mod downloads section.

A pack of 6 classic DFX1 maps converted to work with this mod, lots of intense classic action but this time with different weapons and a new AI.

these maps are only for single player lovers! i will bring some coop later.