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By grenadier501 JOTR SP, CO-OP 3,046 Downloads Added 04/04/2016 4 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

First Encounter: The Farm SP/Coop
World In Quarantine mod required!

A simple SP zombie invasion type map, for zombie lovers only. COOP version coming soon. Enjoy!

The coop adapted version of First Encounter: The Farm
harder than the sp version, more and faster zombies.
for zombie lovers only!

JUN-21-2016, 17:30 Hs
Jack's farm, 21 KM at east of Bloomington, Indiana.

''My name is Jack Slade, after another long afternoon of hard work harvesting corn, i wanted nothing but sit on a chair and relax.
But i heard some moanings and weird sounds outside, i think i'm not alone..
i better be ready for anything..''