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By grenadier501 JOTR SP 3,082 Downloads Added 09/06/2017 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: JO BHD Somali Mod

River Raid
JOBHD Somali Conflict Mod required!

River raid is the third official BHD single player mission.

There are special features i added for this map but might not work properly: press F3 to order one of your teammates to throw a frag grenade, be careful with that! might kill civilians. also a medivac event will happen if one of your teammates get killed..

Marka Breakdown
Date: February 16, 1993 - 1530 hours
Location: Marka Village, Jubba Valley

A UN convoy carrying food and supplies has broken down in the valley just north of Marka. It is suspected the militia members might try to raid the convoy and take the shipment for themselves. Board the waiting Humvee and proceed to their location. Protect the convoy and escort it to its destination.