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By Anthony Melise aka StandAlone Version Full 89 Downloads Added 07/13/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX2

Delta Force Extreme Project
This mod was being made for a wile to get thing in and out to bring back and out some thing and to have more thing light up some fans eyes with the stuff we add and we spent are money on to get them in to this game.

All weapons are all new and the Vehicles and a lot of the Buildings and props and sounds we spent a lot of money to bring a lot of stuff into this mod, I hope you all enjoy this mod and if any one would like to make any more links for this mod you can do so to make it a lot easy for others to download. This mod will not be updated or patched at all it has every thing we need in to it. and this mod is are last and we just want every one to have fun... There are 6 MP maps all TDM DM and thats all to give you a feeling how it plays, You can play this mod on Novaworld and we put all DFX2 JO objects in but DFX and JO maps will not work because of the ID number. I have only 11 AI in the mod all so i have put in DF1's Abominable Snowman in and a UAV Drone driver AI because i do have a lot of Drones inside this mod for the coop mappers.