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Interviews | dUsTyRED
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Hello! What is your DF name?

Which Delta Force game(s) do you make maps for?

Why did you start making maps for Delta Force?
I would play in other peoples servers and wish to see my maps played on in oth er's servers pluss I thought it would be very fun to make them.

Did you find it hard at first?
Not really. The only thing I couldn't figure out to begin with was how export the mission, tunnles, nor Making vehicles move.

Have you ever read the mission Editor Manual on the DF CD?
Yes. When ever I would get stuck on something i would go to the manual for help.

If Yes - Was it useful or does it need more information?
It helped me with what I was stuck on so I can say that it was useful to me. I also used the sample missions for help.

What version of the MED do you use?
I used the TFD and BHD med that came with the game, but for the LW med i had to download the MED because of haveing XP. I only have TFD maps on the site though. I make some maps for playing myself instead of playing online.

What's good about that particular one?
I think they all are good.

Where did you get it from (if not the DF CD-ROM)?
I got the one for LW off of dfhq.net

What is the most useful utility for a map maker apart from the actual MED?
The item viewer.

Where did you get that from?

Do you have a favorite item / object from the MED?
Not really.

What is the easiest game type to make a map for?
Nearly all of them are easy to make a map for. The easiest has to be: TDM

What is the hardest game type to make a map for?
I believe CO-OP is.

What is the longest time it has taken you to make a map / mission?
I guess around 10 hours/3 or 4 days

Was it worth it?
I had a blast making it so I think it was worth it.

Did you ever make a map before you found out how to zoom in / out in the MED?
lol Yup. It was the work of the Devil j/k

What is the most useful thing in the MED (e.g. group rotate, different terrain views, absolute height)?
Thats a tough one...I use group rotate the most so I think group rotate is the most useful.

What feature is the MED missing that would make map making a lot easier?
It would be cool to have all the waypoints already set so you could just lay out waypoints and not have to set the geoups and layers and all that.

How many maps do you think you have made?
I think around 30 to 35

Do you have your own website for your maps?
No but I do have a buddy that owns a squad that features my maps on his website.

Do you submit your maps to any sites?
To my buddys site.

If Yes - Do they get good reviews?
They don't review them.

Can you name the best map you have ever played and do you know who made it?
lol. I would have to say mine because I realized how much work I put in it so I take pride in the maps that I make. I know that other map makers have to say that their maps are the best because ot the time we all put in our maps.

Can you name any other people who make great maps (apart from yourself)?
Whoopass and Today

How did you learn to make maps (self, website, friend etc)?

Would you like to mention anyone who has helped you out a lot?
the only help I had was the manual and the samples:)

Do you have a tip that would be helpful to someone who was new to map making?
When ever you get stuck go to the MED manual and the samples and if you know someone that makes maps ask them for help.

Have you ever made a map with the full amount of items?

Do you have a terrain that you like the most?
The map on TFD "Bridge trn" is my favorite because its flat for buildings and easy to make tunnles that dont glitch.

Ever make your own terrains?

If not - would you like to? Or do you not know how, but would if you had info on how to make them?
I don't know how to make my own terrain. I would like to know how! That would be cool.

Is there any items / buildings / vehicles that you would like to see in the MED?
Oh yeah. Every thing to make a DDAY map. 1943 buildings and everyhing like that would be cool. Oh yeah I would like a 1943 copper penny if yall have those. lol j/k

Do you add a signature / your name to the maps you make?
Some maps I have added a signature.

If Yes - What is it made from, what does it say and where do you usually put

It usually made from barrels or walls. It says dUsTyRED or the name of the map. I usually put it in the sky in the center of the map. If its a water level I usually put it in the water.

Has anyone ever stole one of your maps and claimed that they have made it?
No and I hope that doesnt happen.

If someone steals a map, should the original maker be angry, flattered, or both?
Both just because it is flattering to know that someone wants to make maps like you and angry because they didn't make the map and lie about making it.

Do you like Nova's multiplayer maps?
Some of them I do. I think LW has the best nova maps though:)

Do you think your maps are better?
Yeah just because I the time I put in my maps (the pride issue) you know?

Do you like Nova's single player missions?
Yeah. I really enjoy them.

Do you think your missions are better?
Nope. lol

Have you ever used a BMS to MIS converter to see how another map was made?

Do you get ideas / inspiration from other maps?
Yeah. I got "Halo" from a football dome map I seen in the map section of dfhq.

Which is better: night maps or day maps?
I like day maps.

Any comments you would like to add?
If anyone needs help on DM, KOTH, TDM, and TKOTH Maps email me at interex_00drd@email.com :)

Any comments you would like Novalogic to take note of?
Nova games are awsome. I was wondering the other day about how rich the creater of DF games is. lol, Thank You Dustin AKA dUsTyRED

Thanks for your time and best of luck with the mapping in the future :)