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Hello! What is your DF name?
My real DF name is BigDood

Which Delta Force game(s) do you make maps for?
Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre at the moment

Why did you start making maps for Delta Force?
To expand my imagination, to help me out on designing something I see
in my head, and I really wanted to learn at the time

Did you find it hard at first?
Yes very hard, I had no clue what to do.

Have you ever read the mission Editor Manual on the DF CD?

If Yes - Was it useful or does it need more information?
It was very useful to me but i still downloaded other tutorials on how
to make certain things.

What version of the MED do you use?

What's good about that particular one?
It is the latest they have so far and the only one for Team Sabre that
I know of.

Where did you get it from (if not the DF CD-ROM)?

What is the most useful utility for a map maker apart from the actual MED?

Where did you get that from?

Do you have a favorite item / object from the MED?
Radio Building

What is the easiest game type to make a map for?
Team Death Match

What is the hardest game type to make a map for?

What is the longest time it has taken you to make a map / mission?
3 days

Was it worth it?

Did you ever make a map before you found out how to zoom in / out in
the MED?


What is the most useful thing in the MED (e.g. group rotate, different
terrain views, absolute height)?

different terrain views

What feature is the MED missing that would make map making a lot easier?
all of the pictures

How many maps do you think you have made?

Do you have your own website for your maps?
soon to be www.dfarmory.com

Do you submit your maps to any sites?

If Yes - Do they get good reviews?
half and half

Can you name the best map you have ever played and do you know who made it?
Sewers by dzine

Can you name any other people who make great maps (apart from yourself)?
HunteR, DaZ, ^e^, PLug1

How did you learn to make maps (self, website, friend etc)?
A friend from an old clan gave me some basics then I just started to
read the tutorials and look at other maps by using bms to mis

Would you like to mention anyone who has helped you out a lot?
HunteR, Chad, Plug1

Do you have a tip that would be helpful to someone who was new to map

Keep your first 1-5 maps to yourself lol.

Have you ever made a map with the full amount of items?

Ever put a yeti in a map? (landwarrior/tfd only)

Do you have a terrain that you like the most?
yes, it is flat

Ever make your own terrains?

If not - would you like to? Or do you not know how, but would if you
had info on how to make them?


Is there any items / buildings / vehicles that you would like to see in the MED?
more and bigger buildings that I can go inside of.

Do you add a signature / your name to the maps you make?

If Yes - What is it made from, what does it say and where do you usually put it?
I usually put a squad name or just BigDood.

Has anyone ever stole one of your maps and claimed that they have made it?
not that I know of.

If someone steals a map, should the original maker be angry, flattered, or both?
depends if he is really good or not.

Do you like Nova's multiplayer maps?

Do you think your maps are better?

Do you like Nova's single player missions?
they are alright.

Do you think your missions are better?

Have you ever used a BMS to MIS converter to see how another map was made?

Do you get ideas / inspiration from other maps?

Which is better: night maps or day maps?
day maps

Ever made a map in the shape of a smiley face?

Did you enjoy answering these questions?

Any comments you would like to add?
Any great map makers that I talk to that i forgot to mention... im
sorry that I forgot ya ;-)

Thanks for your time and best of luck with the mapping in the future :)