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Interviews | Kurupt / War Game Arena
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What is your name / handle?:
Name in real life is Justin Garner, my game handle is kurupt

Where are you from, where do you live?:
I was orginally from dallas texas, i lived there up untill last year, and now i live in houston texas

How old are you?:
15 years old, yes im young :P ill be 16 in july of this summer

What is your role at WgA?:
im co-owner, my main thing is running tournaments, but i pretty much do everything i can at the site to help

What games will WgA be supporting this time around?:
Wga will be holding tournaments for df1, dflw, and dfbhd. We plan on holding ladders or leagues aswell with titles consisting of dfbhd, sof2, bf1942, ravenshield, and counter-strike

As many of us know WgA has been up and down since it's creation, what has made you stick it out and try it again?:
we have a new owner, blkspectre; and he is very professional. I was with wga in the begining, and im still around; our site has changed so many times and had ups and downs, but now, we are on the right track, we will be keeping this design, and i fell we are a professional grade website now, and will be in with the top sites in no time

What are you hoping to acheive with WgA?:
my main goal is to see us at the top of all those top100's at dif sites, aswell as very active and fun forums with a great community

What can we expect from WgA in the near and distant future?:
you can expect more than just delta force resource, we plan on brining more games in, and actually being successfull unlike we were in the past when we tried to cover multiple games

WgA has been through many redesigns and ownership, what will this design/ownership stick?:
like i said before wga has a very professional owner now, we have been through that ruff stage that alot of sites have in the beginning, and now we have our heads on straight, thats about all i can say

Is there anything you would like to say to the WgA fans out there?:
please just stick with us from now on, there will be no more incomplete sites, or redesigning every 2 weeks like in the past, we are here to become a top site, and provide entertainment for you; thats what we do. Sign up on our forums and our site, our staff will appreciate it greatly. Thank You

Which is the best DF Game?:
well i pretty much play them all, i would have to say df1 or bhd..those are my favs!

Boxers or briefs?: