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Interviews | Atomic / DF-Inside
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What is your name / handle?:

Where are you from, where do you live?:
The Netherlands

How old are you?:
22 years old

Explain to us what DFI is about?:
DF-inside is trying to get the real Delta Force fan more informed what is happening in the Delta Force community. Trying to help the DF player with customizing their Delta Force game with programs like DF-inside Spy or custom maps.

What’s your role at DFI?:
Owner in first place, second..........everything. It’s hard for DF-inside to get dedicated staff to help, that’s why I’m always very busy with updating DF-inside with news, programs and custom maps. There is simply no time left to relax..........to play the game!

What are you hoping to achieve with DFI?:
Inform the visitors of DF-inside about what is happening at the community. And bring them nice, handy tools and custom maps.

Was DFI what you expected after the merge?:
A big word “merge”, I never noticed something about the merge. The purpose of the merge was to get more staff and more news...more hot news. Second, I’m working many many hours at DF-inside.....too much, my hope was to get more spare time, but I’m still doing plenty work at DF-inside.

What do you say to the argument that sites using a Portal aren’t real sites?:
What is a site? A site is something at the Internet to find information about something you are looking for. At DF-inside you can find everything what also is standing at the “not Portal-ed sites”, the main thing is “Keeping the community informed about what is happening at the DF community. All of us have a similarity, we all have to maintain the site, and this takes many hours and also money. Second of all, when you can’t find good staff to help you creating your own site/design, then a portal site is an great solution. And you still have to make a design, so it’s not only portal work.

Were there any setbacks in the making of DFI?:
Yes there was. A few weeks ago we had to change provider for the site because we had reach the data transfer and space limitations. The change to another provider costs me much extra money, therefore DF-inside is looking for sponsors/affiliates.

What has been the general reaction to DFI?:
DF-inside was launched at June the 14th, I’m very proud to see that DF-inside has become one of the most visited DF-resource sites. This means that DF-inside is wanted by the visitors.

What can we hope to see on DFI soon?:
-DF-inside is working at a WAP site, with this feature the REAL hardcore DF addict can read the news with a cellular phone.
-DF-inside is going to start a sponsored tourney for DFBHD, (NovaLogic is going to sponsor us)

What is so good about the DF series of games?:
Very simple.......I only have one game standing at my computer Delta Force........I’ve got addicted to it, so I don’t need another game!

Which is the best DF Game?:
At the moment Task Force Dagger is, because I’m playing it at the squad where I’m in, the eXterminators. But I think Black Hawk Down is going to be my favourite soon! Let’s wait to the release......

One thing you could add/fix to a DF game what would it be?:
I think all the persons you are going to interview are going to say: “Let kick the cheats out of the game, fix it!” So to be original: “Insert a banner of DF-inside at the server-lobby” ;-)

What are you expecting from BHD?:
Very good gameplay and great graphics.

Would you like to say anything to NovaLogic?:
I’m asking them to give the DF-resource sites more info about the new coming game, Black Hawk Down. Many times I’m seeing that normal game sites are having the latest screenshots of Black Hawk Down, why them? Who is making the community bigger, who is promoting DF...........the DF resource sites.

Would you like to say anything to the DFI Fans?:
I want to thank all the visitors of DF-inside, thanks to you DF-inside has become a big DF resource site! We could not have done this without your help with sending news and voting for us at the Top100’s.

And finally give a plug for/to something/someone:
I want to thank my girlfriend, many times I’m spending more time with DF-inside then with my girlfriend, I have to change that ;-)

Atomic, Thank you for doing the interview, I wish you every success with DFI in the future.