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What is your name / handle:

What is your role / connection to Nova-Arena:
I am PR Manager of Nova-Arena. Further i take care of the SOTW, and help every part where i can.

Who's idea was NvA and who chose the name:
NvA was my idea :). I have mostly the idea.... dont know why. But i asked novaguild and squadnews first. So we talked for some time, and its was their idea to ask pancho also. After long talking we decided to do it. We had a few names writen down, and we liked Nova-Arena, because it was a bit of a merge of the name. nova form novaguild, and arena from df-arena.

Were there any other name options suggested:
Yup, as i already told in previous question ;)

What was the original aim for NvA / what were you hoping to achieve:
We are just serving the df-community. We hope that it will be one community sometimes, because its very devided now.

You have been open a while now, looking at your current situation, do you think your goals have been met? Do you feel it is a success / could have been better / better than you all expected:
Well, not everything went very smoothly, because you see the bugs comming when people are going to use the site.

What was the hardest part in terms of setting up the site:
To have a good communication with all the people. We have a really large staff. Thats also a part of my job at NvA.

What is the hardest part in keeping the site up and running:
Its vacation time almost, so some people are away, and someone have to take over their tasks.

Was NvA under pressure to perform because of the expectation of the DF community and that it was a merger of four already large DF websites? Do you think you met the expectations:
Well, we just tried to have a nice site. People can expect a lot, but i think we have made a nice community for them with lots to offer.

Roughly, what is your monthly / weekly / daily bandwidth usage:
ehhhh, really much. From 500mb a day to 1100mb a day.

How many staff does NvA have in total including all admin / judges / forum moderators etc:
We have 21 staffmembers, and then i am not counting the judges yet. We have now 9 judges, but that will be more soon.

Is that enough / too many / not enough:
We have enough staffmembers i think, but not enough judges.

Is your php custom made? Who is your programmer(s), because they did a good job and deserve recognition:
Yes, our site is programmed by Redox, Hero, Ex and Patriot, and everything is custum made. ( except the forum )

How can you tell if your visitors find your site easy to use and functional? i.e. are you monitoring comments made by guests about design and usability:
We dont know yet. But there will come an evaluation.

What can we expect from NvA in the near and distant future:
We have a few things what we are planning, but i cant say anything yet about it. I can only say, that dflw players should keep 14 Juli open... the whole day ;)

Personally what makes it worth all the time and effort and money:
Lucky for us that it dont cost really much money. We do this all for fun

Why should people visit Nova-Arena:
Because this website is offering everything for the df-hardcore player. We have daily Delta Force News covering all 5 DF games, European League, United States League, 23 Tournaments, Over 1750+ Maps, Resources, Sig of the week, Site Awards, Squad links, Forums and Top 100.

The NvA Top 100 is excellent but has been the source of arguments about stat cheating etc. What are your views and what does NvA do / can do to prevent discrepancies or misunderstandings and cheats:
The problem with the top 100 is that there arent any rules for it, but those will come very soon. Some people have said that some sites were cheating, but that was in their view how it should be. We are monitoring sites often, and soon rules will come for our top 100

Are you looking forward to DF:TFD and DF:BHD:
Yeah, i really looking forward. Only in europe they always come later then in the US :(

What do you feel is the appeal of the DF series to DF players:
I thin kits having fun with eachother, but often their are some people who ruin it.

What sort of things could improve the game:
More updates would improve the games... i am playing all 3 df games ;)

Personally what other DF and non-DF related websites do you visit:
I visit very much sites. Also the small ones have sometimes fun things. Got a very large list... Non-df related... that are also really much sites.

Would you like to say anything to the DF community:
Of course, visit Nova-Arena!! further, keep it all nice, because lots of people think its their whole life.

Would you like to say anything to NovaLogic:
Yeah, that also. I often have contact with Novalogic, and thats also my job at Nova-Arena.
So i would say thanks for everything....

What is your favourite beverage:
Everything what contains alcohol.

OK, well thanks for answering these questions for us, keep up the great work.