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Will DFR only be an online shop, or can we expect some other features:
Well there's already the old DFB FAQ, which I retained and should I find the time, will be added to regurarly with TFD.

DFR also incoropates Camo's Corner which is my own personal area where I can still have my say - I guess that's something I miss from running DFB.

What has been the general reaction to your website by the DF community:
There hasn't been much of one as far as I know, although some authors have told me they are interested in selling stuff through us. There are so many DF sites out there that people just haven't visited it, which is fine, because I haven't been putting the work into it like I did with DFB and I had never intended to when starting it up.

OK, say I buy something from DFR and then I put it on my website for free download. What would happen then:
You will have broken the legal agreement you made and we (and the author if desired) will taken legal action again you - if you redistribute the files in any shape or form. All orders require a full name and address to be furfilled, so they'd be silly if they think they're untouchable. By doing so you're hurting the authors who spend time and moeny to make these quality files.

What methods of payment are accepted, and does location matter:
PayPal (preferred), CreditCard or cheque. Location only plays a part in that Australians send their cheques to me and the rest go to Rak.

Are you only selling DF related stuff:
That's correct.

What sort of stuff do you have for sale right now on DFR:
Not much - a few utilities mainly. I opened it after hearing the announcment of TFD which I expect will get a lot more traffic to the site.

Can anyone contribute their own stuff:
Absolutely - we're waiting on all your TFD stuff ppl.

What can we expect to see on your site soon:
TFD related items and plenty of them!

What is so good about the DF series of games:
DF is the only game(s) worth playing M/P in.

Which is better - DF1, DF2 or DF:LW:
Hmmmm - yeah LW is.

Looking forward to DF:TFD and DF:BHD:
Oh baby!! Oops I mean yes Mr 8. I didn't actually expect a DF4 so soon - if at all. The last I heard Nova was moving into consoles.

Can we buy them at your shop and how much will they cost LOL ;) :
Of course you can. $29.95 is the going price for TFD - for all you US fans. As for BHD - you can send me $100 and I'll make sure you get a copy.

What are your favourite DF related and non-DF related websites:
DFHQ.net - yes seriously - DFHQ.net is currently the superior DF Resource site and took over this position when I sold DFB.

DF3.net is the other great site - nowhere cuts it when it comes to DF topics and multi-page spam threads.

There are non-DF related websites? Really? Don't lie now.

Would you like to say anything to the DF community:
To a number of ppl - Grow up, stop complaning and actually do something for the DF community.
To *AUS* - Hi guys - yes I'm everywhere.
To another Aussie squad - Glitching, cheating and lieing will get you nowhere.

Would you like to say anything to NovaLogic:
You make the type of game that I die for, but lack the business skills to make it great in the eyes of people outside the DF community.

In a fight between Wolverine from X-Men and The Terminator, who would win:

Terminator 1 & 2 are certainly up there in my top 10 movie list, so him of course. But it depends on which model, lol. (Terminator 3 is coming and I can't wait!).

OK, well thanks for answering these questions for us, keep up the great work.
Camo: No actually it's you guys who are doing the great work in the DF community now - I'm still on extended vacation from duties.