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By Creator DF2 SP 3,526 Downloads Added 04/26/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Russians bought new T-80 tanks to use against us. Go to Waypoint Tiger and destroy the tanks.

By Creator DF2 SP 2,549 Downloads Added 10/07/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

An important enemy officer in command structure has been observed in your area of operation. Capture this officer and bring him in for interrogation.

By Creator DF2 SP 996 Downloads Added 06/02/2019 1 Comment PermaLink

Wolf's Den
A key officer in da'nil's command has been observed in your area of operation. Use the help of Spetsnazs and Alpha and Charlie team to capture this officer.

By Creator DF2 SP 3,557 Downloads Added 04/19/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

The Camp
Russians have established a camp with which they coordinate all the attacks against our allies. Enter in the camp and eliminate all enemies.

By Creator DFBHD SP 2,159 Downloads Added 04/10/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Rescue Expedition
A convoy of Pakistani U.N. soldiers are under heavy fire in grind Charlie Two. They have at leat one truck destroyer and are surrounded. Get your team to their location and help them pass the roadblock that has them trapped. Good Luck 2-1!

By Creator DF2 SP 1,408 Downloads Added 04/05/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Frozen Base
Hostiles have taken control of a base in Antarctica. Secure the base.

By Creator DF2 SP 4,384 Downloads Added 12/01/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

White Death
A russian general has been captured. You and your team must assault the prison with russian soldiers and save the general.

By Creator DFBHD SP 2,070 Downloads Added 05/14/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

Two Black Hawk are down from some RPG's in the area. 5-1 and 4-1 teams must survive from Militia's attacks until the Black Hawk's support arrive.

By Creator DFBHD SP 4,080 Downloads Added 04/01/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

We have reports of two Habr Gadir generals meeting happening today in a complex built by the Soviets. We're sending in teams to capture as many of them as we can find. If we're lucky, one will talk and give us information on Aidid.

By Creator DFBHD SP 2,445 Downloads Added 12/06/2018 3 Comments PermaLink

There's been another Black Hawk shot down. Super Six-Four was hit by an RPG and crashed in the city. We also have men separated from their units. Collect a team and make your way to the second crash site. Good luck 5-1 Team!

By Creator DFBHD SP 4,155 Downloads Added 02/25/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

The Habr Gedir clan operates a radio station in Mogadishu that is broadcasting anti-U.N. propaganda throughout the region. You must infiltrate in the radio building and destroy all radio equipment. Good luck.

By Creator DF2 SP 4,435 Downloads Added 11/20/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

Snow Man
Some days ago the intelligence has dicovered a base with hostages. You must infiltrate in the the base (Blizzard), save the hostages and clear the base.
Good luck!

By Creator DF2 SP 1,152 Downloads Added 05/23/2019 Updated 06/23/19 2 Comments PermaLink

Bloody Land
An highly guarded base in southern Arabia contains many cases of weapons that will be used against us. Destroy the crates of weapons at waypoint Vandal. Alpha, Charlie and paratroopers battalions will infiltrate in the base and provide cover fire.

By Creator DFBHD SP 244 Downloads Added 10/16/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Date: September 01, 1993 - 0820 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

A number of Tier One personalities will be meeting tonight at an old hotel complex in the city. Our teams will secure the complex and capture any Habr Gedir personnel.

By Creator DFBHD SP 2,203 Downloads Added 03/21/2017 Watch video 3 Comments PermaLink

Weapons Research
An informant has given us the location of an illegal weapons shipment waiting to be transferred to the Habr Gadir. You and your team will insert the target area by Truck. Find and secure the warehouse and destroy all weapons. Black Hawk and Little Bird cover you and your team. Good luck Victor 3!

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 4,468 Downloads Added 11/05/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

Jungle Attack
Antonio Paulo use some private airplanes to carry heavy loads of drugs. The Intelligence has discovered a load in the jungle with a plane departing in no time. Your job is to hook up with trucks and with your rangers, destroy a radio equipment in a small village, reach the airport, kill all the smugglers, destroy the drug crates and destroy the airplane.
Good luck 2-1

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 4,218 Downloads Added 02/16/2018 6 Comments PermaLink

Rebel General Haatim Jaareah Bin Shamim Kalb and his remaining rebel troops have fled to a medieval stronghold near Yasuj and are holding a Delta operative hostage. Delta will insert via Blackhawk, navigate the fortress city and attempt to rescue the hostage. You must disable all air defenses before the hostage can be extracted. Once he is secured, you will infiltrate the stronghold itself and eliminate the General.

By Creator DFBHD SP 651 Downloads Added 08/27/2019 9 Comments PermaLink

Pollute Village
Pollute Village
Time: October 15, 1993 - 0800 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

A small riot has ensued in a small village by a large number of militia gunmen and a number of UN personnel are being held as hostages. In addition, the militia took control of a nearby garage and parked drug trucks and technicals. Your team is being sent in to rescue them and destroy all enemy vehicles.

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 1,844 Downloads Added 02/17/2019 1 Comment PermaLink

Illegal Settlement
Illegal Settlement
Date: January 15, 2005 - 0530 hours
Location: Kharq Island, Iran.

In a multinational airfield interdiction, your SAS squad will make a water insertion via Pavelow helicopter into a waiting Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB). Once onboard, destroy enemy patrol craft and rendezvous with Delta on the beach. After linking up, Delta will turn around the site while SAS destroys any anti-aircraft defenses. Both teams will then provide fire support for a Deltas assault.

By swat-r-oldskool DFBHD TDM 2,053 Downloads Added 08/01/2005 Add Comment PermaLink

Should work for BHD I have no TS objects or terrian in there.
Has something for everyone.
its TDM and its fun

By ArcticWolf DFLW SP, CO-OP 4,821 Downloads Added 10/02/2003 1 Comment PermaLink

Classified Rocket
This map is a converted DM map with permission of it's original creator, you must eliminate all of the Tango's at the rocket base to keep them from launching.

By Chrispy DFBHD DM 2,701 Downloads Added 11/03/2006 Updated 03/02/07 Add Comment PermaLink

Basic Vehicle Tut.
This map is a basic vehicle tutorial on how to have two Humvees going around in circles at a designated speed (in km). A .wac file is also included in the .zip as well.

If you want, you can use my .mis as a start for your own map, just make sure you change the name, creator, etc. and all. Thanks!

By SD DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 1,954 Downloads Added 04/21/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

CQB MAK #6 OLD 316
This is a re-make of the old 316 drill. This is a great map for gunner practice, also one on one. This is a small map with only 5 different objects. Tried to keep it as close to the original as possible only in Black Hawk Down format. Special Thanks to Sandtiger the original map creator.

By SpankyFoA DFLW TDM, DM, TKOTH 2,403 Downloads Added 02/14/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Castle rock
Castle Rock By Me Razor SA
Creator of Razor Ball
AKA SpankyFoA

By miaebow DFX TDM, DM, TKOTH, CTF, FB, CO-OP 2,313 Downloads Added 09/13/2006 Updated 09/13/06 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Deep Jungle

This one was inspired by the creator of Waterball, I got the idea of running through water when I saw that one. All versions should play pretty fast, but I think FB and TKOTH will be the best ones. It's a large enclosed map, although you can get outside via the roof. Just don't drop off the roof on the outside of the structure as there's no way back in. Let me know how it plays. #UPDATED# to include a DM version and to add a little extra. I've also added a coop version, which is very hard so be warned. lol Enjoy MIA