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Block action
he Afghan Taliban armed forces will be lurking at the border of Pakistan.
Your task is to cooperate with the Delta Force and the Rangers to intercept them.

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Death Desert
Marble and Metosh traveled to the south of Lake Malawi in Africa. However,
they accidentally fell into the territory of the Holy Spirit Resistance Army.
The husband and wife are surrounded. Your task is to help them eliminate
all enemies and leave the ghost place.

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Training Sites
According to the regulations of the United Nations.Our troops are vulnerable to
ambush or Failure in Somali cities.In order to strengthen the military training.We
set up a training ground to simulate.We set the training ground in the deserted
Urban ruins.

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Escape Mofida Village
According to intelligence, Shi Xiaoming, the head of terrorist organization, has established a base in Mofida village.
Mofeida Village is also called Trap Village. The name sounds ridiculous. In short, our goal is to take the village and
leave the area.
After all the enemies have been wiped out, Shi Xiaoming will be executed. There is no need for us to capture him.
This hateful villain must be justly judged.