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By Kasper7814 DFBHDTS SP 570 Downloads Added 07/17/2020 3 Comments PermaLink

Hopeless Rescue
Hopeless Rescue
Date: July 24 2005 - 1435 hours
Location Kharq Island, Iran

An AAGN02 antiaircraft gun shot down your black hawk at Kharq Island located in Iran. You wake up a couple of minutes after the crash. Most of you squad died in the crash but one of your soldiers managed to escape to a garage nearby. Rebel forces showed up at the crash site right after that and capture the pilot. Your primary objective is to find the two missing people and get the hell of the island.

Note: Air support is not available because the island is covered with antiaircraft guns. A pavelow can pick you up when you get off the island and away from the antiaircraft. Good luck!