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By thrasherstone DFX2 SP 2,416 Downloads Added 02/23/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Venom Strike
Location: Ruins of Indonesia

Date & Time: 02/19/2005 - 1500

Teams: Joint Operation Team, Delta Force

Situation: Bravo, a small Joint Operation team are pinned down by a counter-attack at the ruins of Indonesia. Their mission was to destroy a small radio station, weapon crates, and find any intel. Since they are in need for support, we are sending you to aid them to complete these objectives. You are entering the combat zone by a Chinook. Use the mini gun to protect the Chinook and land safely. Sniper spotter teams and UAV's have located the enemy's location, so they will show up on your map. Eliminate all enemy forces at the combat zone. Check all buildings and structures for enemy forces. Once all objectives are completed and enemy forces are eliminated, exfil by heading back to the Chinook with the Joint Operation team. Good luck, Bravo.