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By tony991 JOTR SP 5,670 Downloads Added 01/29/2019 3 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

Date: July 6th 1990
We've been hit hard this summer by a very bad drought. This is the worst drought in Colorado in all of recorded history. The Winslow Nuclear Power Plant has been scrambling to find a good stable source of water for just over a month. Even with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on site they've had no luck. You are a sheriff in the Lone Pine Colorado Sheriffs Dept. You and your department have just received word that Winslow is going to meltdown. Time and impact of reactor meltdown are currently unknown. You've been tasked to warn all surrounding towns to evacuate immediately. The town most at risk is Elder Creek. Elder Creek is an old mining town that was abandoned in the early 1900s and then purchased in 1989 by a Christian church group that is trying to revitalize the town. The town has a population of 60 people and stands in the shadows of Winslow’s cooling towers. Unable to be reached by phone or radio you must drive to town and order the evacuation. To make matters worse the winds have picked up from the west and have created a brutal dust storm. And because it’s the day from hell, as soon as you arrive at Elder Creek the radiator on your police cruiser lets go and the engine locks up. Just up the road, a tree has fallen on the power lines cutting off power to the town. That explains why we couldn’t reach them by phone. You open your door and get out of your car. Even with the non-stop wind and the sand blowing against your face, there’s a strange smell in the air – somewhat familiar but different. Death, but very different. Something doesn’t feel right. Your gut instinct is telling you to turn around and leave town. But instead you grab the keys from the ignition and your hat from the passenger seat. Then you walk to the back of the car, unlock the trunk and load your police issued M4. Today is going to be a day like no other…

This map is made for World in Quarantine mod.
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