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By flamerboy67664 JOTR CO-OP 3,534 Downloads Added 11/07/2015 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

AW2 - Operation Desert Haze
The leaders of the Al-Hashim terrorist group is meeting on a small town.
We have sent a sniper team but they got compromised on a rooftop of a building. A helicopter with the 1st leader is incoming. Fortunately, the stranded team has destroyed all communications and vehicles in the area. Destroy the leader on the helicopter first, or he may escape out. Then, jump out from the building and assault the town to find the 2nd leader. He is trapped and encircled. and our helicopters will make sure he won't escape. Your team (Delta Team 5) will assist the SEAL team on the roof. Delta Team 4 and 3 will take point around the city. Forge convoy will take have M163 tanks to protect your column.