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By Team-Reload-Iceman-JET and MIA DFLW CO-OP 43 Downloads Added 07/10/2024 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

SO/MOD-Rats-last-Stand | Team-Reload-Iceman-JET and MIA | Delta Force Xtreme -- SINGLE PLAYER / COOP

A large single player map, that holds some surprises. A multi objective map that will take some beating on your own, so stay alert and enjoy.

By Deere Beckweiss DFLW SP 1,745 Downloads Added 10/21/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Save Marble and Anwena
Date: February 22, 2000
Location: Yakuza rural area
The abnormal Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi kidnapped Marble Pie and Anwena. Yamaguchi Group will take two poor girls to the torture room tomorrow for cruel public execution.The mission of Mclntosh (Player) is to go to the rural areas of Japan to rescue the two girls. You take girls to the river area where Japanese fished, and finally arrived at the evacuation site by rubber raft.Before you save the hostages, kill Liu Xuan, the boss of the underworld, and his partner Liu Yang, the fat man. And Xiong Da, who is also the culprit.Be careful. There are many snipers in that place.Take AC-130. It will take you over the target area. Don't forget your parachute. Good luck!
**** Japanese!

By Beckweiss Deere DFLW TDM 3,376 Downloads Added 01/23/2023 Add Comment PermaLink

Death Desert
Marble and Metosh traveled to the south of Lake Malawi in Africa. However,
they accidentally fell into the territory of the Holy Spirit Resistance Army.
The husband and wife are surrounded. Your task is to help them eliminate
all enemies and leave the ghost place.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DFLW SP 6,540 Downloads Added 08/28/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Lemur Part 5
Because enemy power plant was destroyed, all radar systems near the radical faction leader's castle are offline. So we have sent the SAR helicopter with Snakebite on board. Enemy forward units can't identify it after they lost their radar systems. With the cover of darkness, Snakebite will land on a concealed location in half a minute. She must find and kill the radical faction leader.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DFLW SP 6,803 Downloads Added 07/02/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Lemur Part 4
We will launch a decapitation strike to kill radical faction leader. But firstly we must disable radar systems around his castle. It looks like enemy only use one power plant to supply power. Mako will infiltrate the power plant via underwater tunnels. She must find and destroy all generators.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DFLW SP 7,068 Downloads Added 06/18/2021 Updated 06/30/21 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Lemur Part 3
Bug fixed: Some enemy guards will not sound the alarm even if they see a dead body.

Our guerrilla friends plan to attack several important enemy bases. But CIA informs us that enemy recruited some mercenary pilots to fly KA-29s. Enemy airbase is a big threat to our friends. So we must send your best sniper Longbow to kill those pilots before they can take off. Time is limited. You only have 4 minutes. If enemy guards see a dead body, they will sound the alarm. So carefully select your target.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DFLW SP 7,026 Downloads Added 06/08/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Lemur Part 2
Your squad have successfully captured enemy border post. Satellite image shows there is a supply base at nearby. Local guerrilla group will send another convoy to capture that base. Your best gunner will escort the convoy and eliminate all enemy soldiers along the road.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DFLW SP 7,147 Downloads Added 05/16/2021 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Lemur Part 1
Recently, a radical faction has seized control a country near Somalia. You will fight along with local guerrilla group. As the first step of this operation, we must capture a remote border post. Gas Can will provide fire support for guerrilla convoy.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 9,511 Downloads Added 05/04/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

OP Wraith
Tunnels map. Prepare for a rocky landing, an air fight is the only way in. Once on the ground search the facility for the weapons and enemy personnel. This facility is built on top and within ancient ruins. The area is very unstable so be careful when exploring the ruins facility. Once the weapons are destroyed and the leader is killed, head back topside and extract. Good Luck.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 11,505 Downloads Added 06/04/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Terrorists are becoming more and more sophisticated each day, and especially now that they are being sponsored and encouraged by 1st World Nation States. The Enemy is deadlier than ever before. This is a direct assault on a site just like this. A high tech Terrorist Headquarters Fortress built and maintained by A sitting UN member Nation State. But where regular armies cannot go, Delta can and will. Go and in and eliminate all hostiles and capture the High Ranking Terrorist official there. Good Luck.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 11,818 Downloads Added 05/06/2019 Updated 05/10/19 Add Comment PermaLink

This is a last minute assault on a SAM Scud site. Nearby an unexpected Rescue Operation has popped up at the last second and the Rescue Choppers cannot get into the area until these SAM sites have been taken out. Unfortunately Time is of the essence and these Rescue Choppers have no time to wait for your "OKAY" signal. In good faith they are heading full steam into the area with the hopes that you can succeed in your mission to clear the Air for our Air Force brethren. You have only a handful of minutes to complete your mission, so don't get distracted by unnecessary fire fights. Good LUCK.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 11,890 Downloads Added 04/20/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Mossad has just given us intelligence on an upcoming Meeting between high level Terrorist leaders at a Mountain Resort Complex in the far East of Turkey. This could be a big coup if we were to eliminate or even capture any of these prominent Terrorist figures who are surely "In the Know". Go in and assess the situation from there and if in doubt, Do what you do best.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 11,910 Downloads Added 04/19/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Power Down
You will be assisting with Ground Operations In Yemen. Your objective is to strike at a main base of operations that also doubles as a power supply depot for operations in the Region. Go in and take the facility offline. Caution in the area, once they know we are going after their main power supply they will try and cut off your extraction routes and we can't risk a costly rescue mission. Good Luck.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 11,816 Downloads Added 04/16/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Red Eagle
Russia and Venezuela have really escalated things now. They have abducted our Ambassador mid Peace talks and are trying to create an excuse to start a new Cold War. We do not play games. Rescue the Ambassador and end this nonsense. Good Luck.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 11,692 Downloads Added 04/16/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Night Mission, Going in to make a direct attack on Somali terrorists who ransacked an American Embassy and kidnapped several High ranking officials. Go in and wipe the area clean, if the officials are still alive bring them out as well. Good Luck. Show them how Justice is Done.

By Madozbloke DFLW DM 13,860 Downloads Added 05/04/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Madz Island
This is an Island map, loved making it, para in...Deathmatch only, no tunnels, heaps of places to snipe from, heaps of things to blow up, so ENJOY!!!

By pongofrogmasher DFLW DM 4,521 Downloads Added 02/15/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

The remote frog snow base is full of suprises! Watch out for falling Yetis!

By pongofrogmasher DFLW DM 4,462 Downloads Added 02/15/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Are you frog enough, to enter frogs base? A massive underground complex of surprises. Plenty of places for ambush, and sneak attacks.

By fries naa DFLW DM 4,442 Downloads Added 01/12/2016 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 Objects DFLW

6 Private Idaho maps for LW
I made Private Idaho for Land Warrior a long time ago. This zip includes all 6 maps.

You will need these mods to play:

By NME.PR DFLW CO-OP 4,691 Downloads Added 11/05/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

Falling Into Infiniti
This map is a sniper's paradise, I'm an AR type of person but on this one a sniper rifle will make life easier. Obj.1: Destroy the weapons, Obj.2: Eliminate resistance, Obj.3: Destroy the power plant & Obj.4: Kill the leader. A lot of sneaky enemy counter offensive. hope you like it.

By NME.PR DFLW CO-OP 4,552 Downloads Added 10/06/2014 1 Comment PermaLink

In Antarctica a former military base now turned research lab has been overrun by terrorists with the intention of kidnapping the scientists and use their knowledge make chemical weapons, you were captured during you recon mission and the weather makes it impossible to send reinforcements, we were able to turn one of the terrorist he will give the “tools” to escape the rest is up to you. Mission: Make your escape, Eliminate resistance at Objectives Raven & Spider, Liberate hostages at Objective Cell and reach the extraction point.

By Dodoka22 DFLW SP 4,847 Downloads Added 07/29/2014 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 Objects DFLW

World in Flames Chapter 4-Desert Fox
The fourth part of my World in Flames map series!In this desert map, you must clear out a base and capture the leader!It's a medium-lenght map, with about 50 hostiles.I suggest you to use silenced weapons, and prone when you kill the guards and snipers, so you will stay undetected!

IMPORTANT:You need DF1 terrains, DF2 and TFD items for this map!

By Dodoka22 DFLW SP 4,853 Downloads Added 07/29/2014 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 Objects DFLW

World in Flames Chapter 3-Ambush
The third chapter of my DFLW map series, World in Flames!This is a short 5 minutes map!Your only job is to destroy the convoy before it reaches it's destination.

IMPORTANT!!!You need DF1 terrains, DF2 and TFD items for this map!!!

Also, read the .txt files included in the .zips of this series so you will understand the story!Enjoy!

By Dodoka22 DFLW SP 5,028 Downloads Added 07/28/2014 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 Objects DFLW

World in Flames Chapter 2:Camp Hill
The second part of my DFLW Map series, World in Flames.

In this mission you need to destroy 3 SAM launchers, obtain enemy documents and eliminate all hostiles!This is a really quick map, you can beat it in about 10-15 minutes.More info in the .txt file.

IMPORTANT!!! In order to play the map, you need DF2 and TFD items for DFLW!

First, download DF2 items here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=240

After that, download and install TFD items here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=307

By NME.PR DFLW CO-OP 4,523 Downloads Added 07/22/2014 1 Comment PermaLink

Images & Words
The allies are transporting high grade uranium in three cargo planes, one has the actual uranium in it the other two are dummies, a terrorist group has downed all three planes, your objective is to recuperate the uranium, heavy resistance will be expected. (Search the three locations for the package, obj. 3 will not clear until obj. 1 & 2 are cleared, to be able to extract you need to kill all bad guys, to help you locate them no bad guys are located beyond the tree line).