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By mal2421 DFBHD DM 9 Downloads Added 05/13/2022 Updated 05/16/22 Add Comment PermaLink

Defend the Bridges
Defend the Bridges is another small map good for small sniper or cqb
plenty of objects explode on this map so be careful
hope you enjoy

By nickk DFBHD DM 131 Downloads Added 04/26/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

stop thief
another one for the bhd 1.2 crew enjoy

By Dookie DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 258 Downloads Added 04/09/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Dookie's Night
A somewhat dark map but plenty of light to engage. Protected spawn points on either side of the map. Both TDM and TKOTH files included.

By Dookie DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 236 Downloads Added 04/09/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Dookie's Hole
A circular, descending tier map with two building at the bottom to slug it out. 6 psps are up for grabs on the way down.

By Dookie DFBHD TDM, TKOTH, FB 235 Downloads Added 04/09/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Dookie's Tiers
A tiered map which includes TDM, TKOTH and Flagball game types. Enjoy.

By nickk DFBHD DM 294 Downloads Added 04/01/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

old boy wally
small dock map..... sniper cqb enjoy

By By Indonesia DFBHD SP 542 Downloads Added 03/16/2022 Updated 03/21/22 4 Comments PermaLink

Reach Mile Takedown
Reach Mile Takedown
Date: October 4, 1998 - 0715 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

A rescue convoy has been dispatched from base. When it arrives, load the wounded and follow it to a strongpoint we’ve established. Provide cover fire for the trucks and watch for snipers

Message from me: in this mission it is very difficult to approach the extreme, because the distance between us and the Somali troops is the bullet damage is very painful, so when you meet an enemy using a machine gun from afar but you don't see it, you have to be careful because once you meet you are immediately shot. all out, how to prevent being shot by enemies using machine guns 1. You have to look for protection such as a wooden house or like an igloo that is far from the machine gun and an igloo house or the like so there is an opportunity to hide. But if you hear a conversation it means your mini helicopter or little bird is coming to your aid. I wish you luck, efforts do not betray the results

By mal2421 DFBHD DM 408 Downloads Added 03/14/2022 1 Comment PermaLink

Pipes & Drums
Pipes & Drums is an enclosed map split in two half's by a wall, access is by the containers or tunnel which are the Pipes
and the drums are the many metal exploding Drums located around the battle area so be careful and enjoy the game .... have fun

By nickk DFBHD DM 473 Downloads Added 03/07/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Hang the monkey
One for the Hartlepool fat lad.... Enjoy

By By Dj DFBHD SP 709 Downloads Added 03/01/2022 5 Comments PermaLink

#10 Reach the Crash
10th mission of my campaign. There is no 9th mission of this campaign. You can play my mission Irene, Remake 2021 for 9th mission.

By mal2421 DFBHD DM 538 Downloads Added 02/24/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Enemy Outpost
enemy outpost in no mans land good for sniper action or cqb
please all enjoy

By By Dj DFBHD SP 799 Downloads Added 02/20/2022 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

#8 Restricted Freedom
8th mission of my campaign. Enjoy.

By nickk DFBHD DM 576 Downloads Added 02/17/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

the dog must die
one for the bhd bad boys on 1.2 Enjoy all comments welcome

By mal2421 DFBHD DM 666 Downloads Added 02/07/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Military Airport

sniper gunner or cqb.. this is my second map please enjoy

By By Dj DFBHD SP 853 Downloads Added 02/04/2022 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

#7 Unbroken Relations
7th mission of my campaign. Enjoy.

By TrAybars DFBHD TDM 677 Downloads Added 02/02/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Forgotten Area
Its my first TeamDeadMatch map on DFBHD.If you found some mistakes open the txt file.

Map very smallest but you can war other players in underground tunnels.

By By Indonesia DFBHD SP 681 Downloads Added 02/01/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Mission Challenge
Hello, hi, for those of you who have downloaded this mission, in this mission there is only a way to use the dialogue that uses the comprees plus how to control the rangers to follow you.

Notes : If you have any questions, please ask in the comments column

By nickk DFBHD DM 693 Downloads Added 01/31/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

River Cole
hope you enjoy ... comments welcome

By By Dj DFBHD SP 758 Downloads Added 01/29/2022 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

#6 Bad Boys
6th mission of my new campaign. Have fun.

By mal2421 DFBHD DM 684 Downloads Added 01/29/2022 1 Comment PermaLink

northern monkey
small sniper or cqb map my first map enjoy

By TrAybars DFBHD SP 832 Downloads Added 01/28/2022 Updated 02/01/22 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

Mine Quake
Mine Quake
Location:Central African Republic - Bamara(Ubangi River)
Country Dateecember 1, 1958

Situation:Humans are enslavement and tortured by Christian and Islam groups because country has rich mineral deposit.Common goal of the groups to exploit mines they use to slaves to do this.Commanders sent a relief convoy of 9 vehicles but the bad guarellas got in the way this convoy.

Have Fun!!

By By Dj DFBHD SP 857 Downloads Added 01/22/2022 Watch video 4 Comments PermaLink

#5 National Support
After a long time, enjoy the 5th mission of my campaign.

By nickk DFBHD DM 809 Downloads Added 01/17/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Heli Port
Small sniper cqb map comments welcome...

By DF:BHD DFBHD TDM 776 Downloads Added 01/06/2022 Add Comment PermaLink

Mental Metal
Medium, caged in map with 3 psp. The map is symetric. You can play all kinds of characters in this map. It can be hectic already from 10 to 15 players.

Please do not change in map and do not change name of map.

This map has been hosted at -=Viking Server=- .

By TrAybars DFBHD SP 981 Downloads Added 01/03/2022 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

Location:Sudan - Kassala

Situation:Pakistani soldiers are taking heavy fire by snipers ,
Commanders sent reinforcements in this area but enemies closed the road with trashes blow them then go to this area and rescue pakistani soldiers.

DifficultyVery Hard)
Maximum Saves Available7)

Happy New Year