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By Kasper7814 DFBHD SP 3 Downloads Added 03/29/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Village Conflict
Village Conflict
Date: October 3rd, 1993 - 1535 hours
Location: TFR base outside Mongadishu, Somalia

Three of Aidid's high-ranking lieutenats will be meeting in the central town near the radio tower. This is our only chance to capture them. Ones your team have secured the lieutenats, you hand them over to the convoy for exfil. If everything goes as planed, we should be in and out in no time.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 44 Downloads Added 03/23/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Fort Towers =Haro»EID«=
Finally finished this map!
been working for so long trying to make it as perfect as possible, always putting it aside,is such a pain to work with containers and stone wall fences, but is done
Medium size map with a short tunnel on each side,I saw this fort on another map and really liked it,made it for lots of action and fun, you would be able to get out and find yourself on the enemy's default spawn and flanked them,but you gotta find the secret way down, is a hint,lol.
Take care everyone!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 93 Downloads Added 03/19/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

CQB Clash =Haro»EID«=
Small new map!
Have fun and take care of yourself and your family!

By Bullets2bone DFBHD TDM 114 Downloads Added 03/16/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

A long slender map for TDM.

By Bullets2bone DFBHD TDM 104 Downloads Added 03/16/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Not many buildings in this map but great terrain. Average size TDM map.
About 500mx500m but due to hills and creekbed it feels smaller.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 99 Downloads Added 03/11/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

[3rd]Alley II-T =Haro»EID«=
This map is the same as my [3rd Alley 11] map.
Except for a few changes and the tunnels on both sides, that's why I throw in the "T" which it stands for "Tunnels"
So if you guys or your squad want the new version with the tunnels this is it, to get middle spawn you gotta go thru the tunnels like the old one, but..I made a few more chances to get to the middle spawn if you don't want to use the tunnels, downloaded and explore it it will be fun.

By Badger DFBHD TDM 176 Downloads Added 03/06/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Panic Attack C
Panic Attack C has many more ladders,more protection on large flat roof tops. There are two chopper landing sites one on each side of map, chopper is always active even if no one is in it. The map is closed off still plenty of sniping spots but keeps the action within walls.

Have Fun!

By jiaho DFBHD SD 572 Downloads Added 01/02/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Alley Cat
Official Nova map

By cambreaKer DFBHD SP 747 Downloads Added 12/21/2019 Updated 12/24/19 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

Quick Mission: Camper Hunt
This is a classic delta force style mission, your objective is to kill every enemy in every camp (there are 2 camps), find and destroy weapon crates in camp 2. Note that you do not need to kill every enemy.
I hope you enjoy this mission!

By john.tatters DFBHD DM 955 Downloads Added 11/15/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Close Encounters
A deathmatch with everything..!!

Battle is concentrated within the main village which has mysteriously acquired historic ships and aircraft overnight.
There is a vantage point from 3 distant hotel buildings for snipers to attack the village from a safe distance.
To get there, use a tunnel system, a circular route Humvee, or if you are the host you can use the "Teleport" (Timed at 5 min intervals)
This is hidden behind destroyable gates at the far end of the village.
There is a booby trapped barricade just beyond the village entrance (be careful!!)
The peace is occasionally ruined with a helicopter squadron "fly by" every few minutes. If you're bored these can be shot down.
Plenty of hiding places and emplaced weapons make for a fun map.

Please enjoy.

By Badger DFBHD TDM 984 Downloads Added 11/01/2019 1 Comment PermaLink

Pillar Cubes
This map has 10 enclosed cubes with different pillar combinations. There are 4 spawns. Map is good if you need a smaller map for about 16 players. Keeps the action going, no where to go but forward!

Have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 976 Downloads Added 11/01/2019 2 Comments PermaLink

Market Day
This has one type of building connected to make on large building for entire map. Fight on roof tops and ground. The main spawns front door are protected other team can't enter but you have to protect roof top door they can get in that way. Medium size map have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 951 Downloads Added 11/01/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

We had Zig-Zag map with all containers. This version is all guard towers with 45 degree turns allows you to shoot from one section to another.

Have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 977 Downloads Added 11/01/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Fun map plenty of action for any amount of players. Best if team splits up from main some go right and others go straight. Better to control spawns that way!

Have fun!

By stompem DFBHD SP 1,035 Downloads Added 10/27/2019 1 Comment PermaLink

BHD MEd Questions - Triggered Waypoints & Player Attachment
This map was made in answer to the following questions.

Q. I'm making a mission where I have a littlebird come to pick you up. Is there anyway to make it so that when you attach to the littlebird it goes or do you just have to place an area trigger and test it until you get it just right?

Q. Is there anyway to redirect the player to a different waypoint?
Like when I want a waypoint to only show if a certain event happens?

-Includes 2 maps and 2 methods - one with WAC file and one without
-Maps will demonstrate landing while attached to Littlebird.
-Trigger the player waypoints by events.
-How to land the littlebird precisely
-How the player can attach for littlebird take-off
-Triggering game over

NOTE* Landing precision is not needed in the WAC version

By Creator DFBHD SP 1,126 Downloads Added 10/16/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Date: September 01, 1993 - 0820 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

A number of Tier One personalities will be meeting tonight at an old hotel complex in the city. Our teams will secure the complex and capture any Habr Gedir personnel.

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,022 Downloads Added 10/15/2019 2 Comments PermaLink

I found Gator Bait map dated 2003 but no designer name. Great Idea for a map. I put in download folder the original map so you can see the 2003 map.
Did a total rebuild of map, giving roof top access, added buildings and many other items to map! Plays well even with any amount of players.

Hope you like it good action map have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 994 Downloads Added 10/15/2019 Updated 10/19/19 2 Comments PermaLink

This map was created by Bullets2bone all the credit goes to his idea for a great map!
He was nice enough to let me redesign map to fit our server.I cut map in two and did a lot of detail to building and ground decorations. Still kept it to his design.

Thanks Bullets2bone great idea for a TDM map!

Have Fun!

Update 10-19-2019 I took out 8 buildings,connected 2 main buildings together. Other team can't get in your main. This version plays well with 18 to 26.

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,107 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Small Clue Map
This is the stock map but enclosed to keep the action inside map. A few items added and tunnels removed. Plays very well without everyone heading for the hills lol.
Have Fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,102 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 2 Comments PermaLink

Saving Private Ryan v2
Great old map don't know who made 1st one. The red and blue sides where different one team had more protection. I rebuilt map so both mains are alike now and added more small details. Good action map!

Credit goes to maker of 1st map great idea for a map!

Have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,057 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Ship Yard
Medium map plenty of action. If your pushed back to main they can't get in you can defend your self. Have Fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,029 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

This map can handle plenty of players. 4 spawns, there are tunnels to center buildings with 2 spawns outside. Good action map have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,104 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Death Valley
Small map when you have only have 12 players or less. Fun little map and map curves so snipers at main can cover only half the map.
Have fun!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,062 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Communication Time
Medium map fun even if you only have 10 players in server. Not made for large numbers!

Have fun

By Badger DFBHD TDM 1,070 Downloads Added 10/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Black Hawk Down
Map has 6 psps plenty of hiding spots good action map. More players you have the better! Have fun