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By Argjend DFBHD TDM, KOTH, TKOTH 47 Downloads Added 08/02/2020 3 Comments PermaLink

Healthy Streets

hope u like it ^^

By Badger DFBHD FB 53 Downloads Added 07/31/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

FB_The Dome_Knives Only
Need a map to start server until more join? This is a fun FB map for knives only and sometimes shotguns only is also fun. Plays well up to 6 vs 6
Colors have been changed to give Dome and flag poles a nice texture.

Have fun!

By Argjend DFBHD TDM 96 Downloads Added 07/25/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Morning Birds

Im back, hope you enjoy it

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 104 Downloads Added 07/22/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

3D Mindmap
This 3D map should be fun to play. All gun types should enjoy. Team and Regular Deathmatch.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 136 Downloads Added 07/21/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Can't wait to see what you think if this one.
You will have to a small amount of swimming and a bunch of running around in this Aqua Map. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

By NightCap DFBHD TDM 129 Downloads Added 07/19/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Team Deathmatch at this amazing Hatchery. Made this a long time ago but it seems timeless.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 148 Downloads Added 07/18/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch works great in this map. Battle for the middle.

By TSCHIHAD DFBHD AD 167 Downloads Added 07/15/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

A coliseum style map with 15 targets to destroy. Don't let the defenders get into position or this map will be long and possibly go the distance. 24-30 players.

By TSCHIHAD DFBHD AD 145 Downloads Added 07/15/2020 Updated 07/25/20 Add Comment PermaLink

SFH 21
Another strange green fog style map from TSCHIHAD, both teams start on the ground and must navigate up to the platforms. Medium sized map that can support up to 24 players.

By TSCHIHAD DFBHD AD 144 Downloads Added 07/15/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

A large semi open map from TSCHIHAD that can be a tough one for attackers once the defenders get dug in for a good fight. This map can support up to 20 players, more than that will turn into a chaotic mess.

By TSCHIHAD DFBHD AD 156 Downloads Added 07/15/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

SFH Squad
A very large enclosed map that can allow all load outs to have their fill. From cqb to snipers. Not an easy map to defend or attack so good tactics are a must. 50 players max.

By NightCap DFBHD DM 154 Downloads Added 07/15/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Knife Circus 2
Changed some of the eye warping things on this great knife fighting Map. You can fight all at once or wait to fight the winner. Be king of the map. Hone your knife skills and learn secrets like backing up a little when swinging the knife. Skill training.

By Argjend DFBHD FB 184 Downloads Added 07/14/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Container Bloody

GOOD MAP FOR 3 vs 3.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 175 Downloads Added 07/13/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

This one is fun. Played it while completing it. Had a lot of fun. All gun types will enjoy this map. Lots of places to hide out or snipe from or run around and use the pistols or Knife. I hope you like it as much as I do.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 186 Downloads Added 07/10/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Man I put a lot of effort in this one. Might be my best so far. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Not too huge but big enough for me to never find the Sniper that joined my map while I was testing it. Let me know how it goes. Thanks NightCap

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 220 Downloads Added 07/07/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Ship Down
A Space mission left these guys on a deserted planet. Each team has a ship/base and the winners get to go into space with the third ship that is hanging around. Not as corny as it sounds. Pretty fun. Team and regular Deathmatch.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 239 Downloads Added 07/04/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Fight for control of this Dam on the Water. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Lots of players can be in this game. Plenty of room.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 230 Downloads Added 07/02/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

I think you will like this one. Put many new and exciting new aspects in this game. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch in this exotic land.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 241 Downloads Added 06/29/2020 Updated 06/30/20 4 Comments PermaLink

Garage Battle
I put extra effort in this map. I put in different things to make it more fun. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Loaded Correct file....

By Badger DFBHD TDM 266 Downloads Added 06/27/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

The Pentagon
Both mains are protected if you get pushed back they can't get in. Put a color path so you can see the direction you need to go better. There are 3 spawns on red side and 3 on blue side before you get to center of map. There is no roof top access I tried that and snipers ruled the map.

Both teams can come into center two ways, on ground main opening or a very short tunnel. Map can handle any amount of players!

Look at picture so when you play zoom out on map so you be able to see most of the entire map and spawns on you Hud.

Have fun

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 267 Downloads Added 06/26/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Wagon Train
This one is a bit different. Plenty of vehicles to ride around the Tower. You can climb the tower in the middle but it will make you a bit dizzy looking down on your enemy. It takes someone who can jump to the next ladder when you reach the end of one. But I did it. Took some pics while I was up there. Stock up on grenades ;-)

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 294 Downloads Added 06/21/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

I made this map 15 years ago. Added a couple of med packs but basically unchanged. It is for Team and Regular Death-match. Hope you like it.

By Argjend DFBHD TDM 327 Downloads Added 06/21/2020 Updated 08/02/20 Add Comment PermaLink

Foliage During
Please approve it quickly For STAFF.

Enjoy this map.

UPDATED: I updated photo and the map, Looks Good.

By NightCap DFBHD DM, TDM 350 Downloads Added 06/16/2020 Updated 06/16/20 Add Comment PermaLink

Space Station One
This map has a few new ideas. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. I really hope you like it. Let me know a server I'd like to join in. :-)

By By Dj DFBHD SP 491 Downloads Added 06/13/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Little Touch
An informant has given us the location of an illegal weapons shipment waiting to be transferred to the Habr Gedir. Your team will insert the target area by Black Hawk. Find and secure the weapons cache and retrieve any intel. Victor Two will be on standby if you need any assistance.