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By Creator DF2 SP 70 Downloads Added 07/29/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Our enemies have settled in the region. The first step to eliminating them is to stop their communications. Infiltrate the complex and destroy and destroy all satellite dishes and the antennas.

By Creator DF2 SP 170 Downloads Added 07/15/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Polar Bears
Intelligence has located an enemy camp near your location. Eliminate all terrorists around objective Icebox and secure the extraction point. Charlie team and Spetsnaz paratroopers will support you during the operation.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF2 SP 233 Downloads Added 07/06/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Super Cruiser
A billionaire with terminal cancer has built a super cruiser. He recruits a lot of mercenaries from PMC. This crazy man wants to launch a war. We must eliminate the threat before he can cause civilian casualty. Watch out! The cruiser has a lot of heavy machine gunners!

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF2 SP 227 Downloads Added 07/03/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

AC-130 Strike
Alpha team will take a remote enemy HQ. But our helicopter has been hampered by two SAM sites. You must board the AC-130. First destroy enemy power plant and communication center to shut off their radar and alarm system, then eliminate all SAMs.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF2 SP 224 Downloads Added 07/02/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Attack the Carrier
Enemy aircraft carrier struck a rock near our base. It's a chance to disable its combat capability. You must capture a patrol boat and sail it to the carrier. Then you should destroy the communication center and two Mig-29s.

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF2 SP 237 Downloads Added 07/01/2020 1 Comment PermaLink

Defend the Fortress
This is an exciting shooting map. Delta Fortress 1 is under attack. Enemy launched a large scale assault. They have armored cars, attack helicopters and train. You must hold the fortress as long as black widow arrived. Then you should jump into the chopper and get out of this damn place!

By Dark_Sky_Empire DF2 SP 268 Downloads Added 06/30/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Steel Furnace
Task Force Hammer is under attack! An enemy mechanized force is advancing through the valley. They have three T-80 tanks and a lot of troops. You must board the chopper and destroy them all from the sky.

By Creator DF2 SP 320 Downloads Added 06/22/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

White Coats
A group of scientists near your location have been taken hostage by enemy forces. Infiltrate the area, locate the hostages and escort them to safety.

By Creator DF2 SP 346 Downloads Added 06/16/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Prevent Disaster
A nuclear missile is about to be launched against our allies, your job is to infiltrate the complex, clean up the control center and secure the launch area. If the mission fails, a disaster will happen.

By Creator DF2 SP 373 Downloads Added 06/12/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Viral Pack
A package containing viral viruses, to be used against the local population, was transported by two trucks to an enemy village. Infiltrate the village, find the package at objective Mamba and wait for the antivirus specialists.

By Creator DF2 SP 361 Downloads Added 06/09/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Forced Capture
A Russian enemy general has been intercepted on a base near your current location. The area is controlled by SAMs anti-aircrafts. Destroy the SAMs and capture, together with the allied units of paratroopers, the enemy general.

By Creator DF2 SP 425 Downloads Added 06/03/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Next Stop
Terrorist forces are directing a cargo train of ammonitions and armed vehicles, his next stop is an enemy encampment. You have to insert by helo and secure the train before it reaches the camp.

By Creator DF2 SP 498 Downloads Added 05/26/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

An enemy intelligence officer has decided to desert. Escort him to the extraction point after clearing his way of enemies.

By Creator DF2 SP 479 Downloads Added 05/23/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Lucky Pilot
Some antiaircrafts SAM hit an allied helicopter near your location, one of the two pilots survived but was captured. Destroy the antiaircrafts and save the pilot.

By Creator DF2 SP 499 Downloads Added 05/20/2020 2 Comments PermaLink

Iron Bars
A nato troop convoy has been ambushed and captured by opposition forces. You are to raid the prision were they are being held and escort them to safety.

By Creator DF2 SP 548 Downloads Added 05/17/2020 4 Comments PermaLink

Tyre Holed
A convoy carrying weapons and uranium is heading for a terrorist outpost. Intercept the convoy and capture the load before the convoy reaches the outpost. Then secure the area and reach the extraction with all the teams.

By Scott DF2 DM 773 Downloads Added 04/10/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

High Desert DM
Remake of the stock DF2 High Desert map for DM

By jabo1SFH DF2 TDM 1,123 Downloads Added 03/02/2020 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 EVO


Inspired by JINYX*SFH* map "Close" from vanilla DF2. This one should be just as insane as that old map. Just grab a saw and go to town.

By jabo1SFH DF2 TDM 1,067 Downloads Added 03/02/2020 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 EVO

Low Desert

Time for everyone to leave that old crusty High Desert map behind and start killin foos in this map! Make sure you have the new EVO update to play and host this map.


By Creator DF2 SP 1,273 Downloads Added 01/25/2020 Add Comment PermaLink

Block Communications
A communication center has been taken over by our enemies. Infiltrate the complex and destroy the communication building. We also know that there is a booklet containing information on the enemy's next moves, take it.

By nicolita_doru DF2 SP, CO-OP 1,834 Downloads Added 11/04/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 EVO

Operation Fire
The Abkhazian forces have started advancing towards Georgia's territory. The US Army has been deployed to help the Georgian army and thereford this mission will be to infiltrate in an enemy compound and retrieve their intelligence data. Georgian commandos will assist you.

By BunnyemtSFH DF2 AD 1,828 Downloads Added 10/21/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: EXP Terranova

Tuff Enuff
1st DF2 exp map from Bunnyemt*SFH*, a chain link fence provides the only perimeter around this base. 2 entrances into this base. 40 targets, but there are quite a few softies. have fun with this map!

By JINYX*SFH* DF2 AD 1,860 Downloads Added 10/11/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

A really fast map from the “twisted” mind of JINYX*SFH*.

By JINYX*SFH* DF2 AD 1,829 Downloads Added 10/11/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

15 targets set within 2 sections of the base in this map from JINYX*SFH*. Enjoy.

By JINYX*SFH* DF2 AD 1,851 Downloads Added 10/11/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

A big base that only has 17 targets but the attackers only have 2 ways in. map can be pretty fast with a full server.