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By marlboro man 1,870 Downloads Added 05/06/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF2, DFLW, DFTFD, DFX, DFX2, DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: N/A

End to the black hole syndrome in tunnles with this easy tutorial!

By SH*PR*, StevieB , «HeavyWacko», Pancho Villa, Dirt*PR* Version 1.0 3,794 Downloads Added 08/01/2001 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: Mappers_Items_V1.zip

Mappers Items v1
Version 1.0 includes map makers:
1. SH*PR* email: predatorworld@hotmail.com
2. StevieB stevieb@who-the-daddy.co.uk
3. «HeavyWacko» contact@panchoandheavy.com
4. Pancho Villa mr_outlaws@hotmail.com
5. Dirt*PR* dirtpr@lycos.com

This. mis file is suggested to give new mapmakers a fast and easy way to build a good map with pasting some items from other mapmakers!
all mapmakers include at start and at end of their items on this misfile their sig, so you can contact them if anything has to be cleared!
All mapmakers made some comments on their items, please read it before using....have fun!!

SH*PR* (all items are only right placed on flat terrain)
start with items with sig in
1.) 2xwooden bunkers entrance 90 and 270
2.) 2xsandbag defense with camperslit entrence 90/270
3.) Closed base with tunnel entrence
4.) easy little ammunition depots
5.) 2x guard bunkers 0/180
6.) Big base bunker NO entrence!
7.) 2x defense perimeter with camperslits 90/270
8.) Big bunkerbase with ladder entrence
9.) Bunker with stuff and defense sandbags
end of items with the sig out

1.) Sniper Bunker
2.) Dual Sniper Bunker
3.) RADAR Platform
4.) Des_3 building with sandbags and .50 cals
5.) Bunker with sandbags
6.) Truck with .50 cal
7.) Crates, large stack with ladder

«HeavyWacko» (Items 5. 9. 10. and 6. are only right placed on flat terrain)
start with items with sig in
1.) Castle wall with outside walkpath
2.) Castle tower with outside walkpath at 2nd floor height, for stalking enemy at 2nd floorlvl.
3.) Computer interfaces in Metal Wall
4.) Fireplace
5.) 2-story Sandbag Bunker with double entrance
6.) Chimney
7.) Dead man`s Grave
8.) Effective Boobytrap in the ground (alter the group and area trigger# to fit yours)
Event for boobytrap:
If: group 1 (blue players) is within area ? (area trigger# assigned to the 2 area triggers)
Then: kill group ? (group# assigned to the crates)
9.) 1-story House with wooden walls, 2 big windows with .50 cals and integrated guardtower
10.) bigger version of 1-story house, now with sandbag walls and concrete floor, 3 windows with 2x .50 cals
11.) Wooden walkway covered on both sides by brick wall, giving cover up to the waist. Great for outside walls
or guardwalls. Note: for making the wall higher, copy-paste only the walls and then make the existing walls+woodsections
a Z-value of 2,200 higher and place exactly on copied part. Repeat if necessary.
end of items with sig out

Pancho Villa
1.) Wall section with wooden walls.
2.) Wall section with brick walls.
3.) Turn wall section with wooden walls
4.) Turn wall section with brick walls
5.) Tower with wooden wall sections
6.) A prison made with wall sections
7.) A don't know tower..hehe A small tower with some hole in it.

With 1,2,3 and 4 you can make your own fort/castle creations.

Dirt *PR*
items listed mostly for left to right and top to bottom...descriptions of them listed below...
---most of these bunkers are made to use kneeling! if u prefer to stand use the single wall
section as a guide for the Z values to use so u can stand behind the wall---
1.) Mayan bunker, raised, 2 different levels of slots and 3rd wall covering backside opening
2.) Mayan bunker, lowered
3.) 2 different style large bunkers
4.) 1 two level bunker...gun empl. on top center ***WARNING*** the bricks on this one glitch;
so be careful; will fix and put on later
version of MAPPERSITEM mis file.
5.) 2 differnet height sandbag wall section w/gun empl.
6.) 1 Mayan wall long with added bunker-like slots...good for fort walls maybe.
7.) 1 bunker w/walkway on top...has two walkways going to top...choice which one u like best
one doesn't get in the way of
lower section but sticks out
some on the side.
8.) 3 different style sandbag bunkers
9.) 1 concrete bunker w/spread roof for added cover
10.) 1 concrete bunker w/spread roof and upper walkway w/gun empl.
11.) 1 large Mayan bunker w/crawl space on top
12.) 1 medium Mayan bunker
13.) 1 Mayan bunker wall
14.) single wall bunker section for standing **note** u can move the top wall foward from the lower section to add cover
for the person inside! also, the top wall will be open, veiwable, and glitch
from the top. u will need to add a "roof" to cover this glitch using this
wall section!!!
15.) small metal bunker w/roof covering glitch area as mentioned above for item 14!