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By Tremor Version 1.1 re1 build6 2,602 Downloads Website Added 07/17/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFTFD File Name: IP4TFD.exe

This program will allow you to ping servers, join games from the program and create a statup.htm with a shortcut to your favorite servers!

By Tremor Version 1.0e 1,354 Downloads Added 06/29/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW, DFTFD File Name: DF-Commander.zip

Delta Force Commander
Allows you to join with IP. You can select a Host from Lobby or enter an IP that you recive from a friend.

Allows you to store your prefered servers. Both games are handled simultan

Allows you to administrate the Screensshots that you take while playing. Little editing and converting features (to JPG) are also included.

Allows you to modify your Server-Settings. Predefinitions are supported to (as example Server-Settings which regardes League-Rules)

Allows you to change your Server-Settings while the Game runs. As example you dont need to shoot down your server to set teampasses. (The settings take only effect on mapchange)

Disable/Enable Stock maps

Log the IP´s of the Players on your server and show their pings.

Generates a statistics from the scores with output as html (design-templates are supported)

Allows you to controll your Game-Server from anywhere. full terminal support. You can also see the host-screen and use all console commands like, resetgames, punt etc..

Ingame Features:
Shows your current ping while Playing

The Server types in custom messages to player even if you are away.