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By Shemihazah 35 Downloads Added 12/27/2019 Updated 11/02/20 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR File Name: DFWiQ_XLMaPS.zip

Exclusive map pack for Delta Force - World in Quarantine

Extract *everything* from the ZIP file into your DFWiQ game directory.

If files are missing these maps will not work! Files matter!

• trntileEXP.tga = tileset (for roads, sidewalks etc.)
• SHEMFULL_30.env = environment file (for Maze Runner)
• Sound library
• 3 Maps for DFWiQ mod

Bear Grylls - inspired by Tom Clancy
Maze Runner - inspired by PacMan and the movie
West Point - training mission

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