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By Next Doors Kid 567 Downloads Website Added 01/01/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: DF1_Test_Jungle_Uniform.zip

The PLAYER01.3DI file with the the bitmaps numbered. Use this to work out which bitmap makes up a part of the players uniform. I used it before making my custom uniform - seen on the homepage for this site and in some screenshots.

By Next Doors Kid Version 2 400 Downloads Website Added 08/29/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: DF1vehicles_in_custom_maps_v2.rtf

DF1 Vehicles in Custom Maps Tutorial
This is a primer on how to go about putting moving vehicles into custom maps for the Delta Force 1 (DF1) game. I hope it removes some of the frustration for you that I had when attempting this! =

By Next Doors Kid 623 Downloads Website Added 01/01/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: DFGAME_BIN.zip

DF1 Attack & Defend / Search & Destroy dfgame.bin
These zipped binary files are for game hosts who wish to display "Search Destroy", or "Attack Defend" instead of "Team Deathmatch" under the "Game Type" heading in the Delta Force NovaWorld Lobby. In game "TDM" is replaced by "S&D" or "A&D" also.

By Next Doors Kid Version 1.2 1,431 Downloads Website Added 01/01/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: DF1_custom_skins_tutorial.txt

DF1 Custom Skins
The Delta Force game comes with a standard uniforms. I have customised one of them so in the game I see my edited uniform.

I've made a custom uniform with UK flag on the upper arm and "British Army-Jungle Warfare Wing" emblem on the backpack.
Seeing as there is a lot of interest in this I've written up my notes on how it is done. This document describes the steps involved in doing such a project.

The skins are bitmaps (*.bmp). They are contained in *.3DI files. The *.3DI files are contained in the Df.pff file, found in your Delta Force directory.

Note: The changes you make are only viewable to yourself. For someone else to see the changes they have to pack the edited 3DI file into their Df.pff file.

I have a test PLAYER01.3DI downloadable from my website, that has a modified jungle uniform with numbers written on each part of the uniform, and a grid around the upper arm region.
My homepage URL is: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/director/nextdoorskid/index.html

By DV / The Inbred KId Version 2001c 2 6,495 Downloads Added 01/01/2003 Updated 10/29/15 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: dflwmedc2.zip

DFLW Unlocked Mission Editor v2 (dflwmedc2)
This is the dflw mission editor (med) with all events and hidden items enabled and some other stuff (on the general info, events, item atributes windows)

>>>>>>> History... DV Adds extra item descriptions: <<<<<<<
DF3Items.bin Expanded Item descriptions by DV based on Pappy's descriptions

>>>>>>> History... The Inbred Kid adds to DV's MED: <<<<<<<
I’ve updated the most recent release of the DFLW mission editor (the unlocked one by DV). The changes I’ve made are mainly UI ones (tiding up dialog layouts and adding mnemonics), but I’ve also enabled the Blink Group Stats dialog and other little enhancements such as the Integrity Check. These may have been present anyway on your version, but for some reason mine didn’t have the menu items present. Another thing I did was to add a few more labels to the complex dialogs so it is easier for beginners like me to use them (such as the ‘metres’ and ‘cm’ labels in the item position group box - yes I know their not technically cm's, but 256ths of a metre wouldn't fit.