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By NedFox / Deadbolt Version 4.4.3 Full 12,677 Downloads Website Added 11/24/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF2, DFLW, DFTFD, DFBHD, DFBHDTS, JOTR, JOE File Name: DEM-v4.4.3.exe

Delta Force / Joint Operations D.E.M Remote Host Full
Multilevel Multi-user access.

Passwords are sent encrypted, and are different every time you log on. (Security first)

Judge Dread - Automatically punts or bans players for abusive language.

Punting layers with blank player names.

Posting punts and bans to newsserver.

Mailing system events.<br>Permanent ban list on player name and IP-number.

Live map manager, and reloading this mapset when starting DEM again.

Auto joining of game, including setting passwords and team preference.

Stopping and starting game from client.

Stopping server at end of current map.

Broadcasting ALL chat and game messages to a broadcast receiver.

Commands for setting passwords, gamename, gametime etc.