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By Iceman Version 1.2 556 Downloads Added 03/04/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: Nile_doc-ver-1.2.pdf

Joint Operations NILE Help Manual
Nice NILE manual compiled by Iceman from DFBarracks.com

By Iceman 187 Downloads Website Added 04/20/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: DFX_Navigation.pdf

DFX Screen Navigation Tutoriual
How to navigate the DFX menu

By Iceman 662 Downloads Website Added 12/10/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: The Jo Kyle Wac.pdf

Joint Operations Kyle Wac
A Re-formatted version of the Jo_Kyle Wac text

By Iceman 921 Downloads Website Added 01/22/2010 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: dfrdoc02.pdf

Joint Operations Groups & Layers Tutorial
Well the most important part of building a good mission is organization. Planning your “Groups” and “Layers” is a major part of that organisation. You can quickly get lost in a maze of meaningless objects and items unless you take time to properly label items & objects.

By Iceman Version 1.0 2009 1,279 Downloads Website Added 12/10/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2, DFBHD, DFBHDTS, JOTR, JOE File Name: dfrdoc01.pdf

Good Mapping Design Practices
An overall look at good mapping design practices for mappers

By Iceman 852 Downloads Added 07/10/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: userdef.zip

After updating Delta Force Black Hawk Down to version I am experiencing problems with the mouse wheel after remapping the 'CTRL' key.

As the ‘CTRL’ key is used as a modifier key for some functions, those functions must be sacrificed in order to remap another function to the ‘CTRL’ key. Place this file (userdef.key) in your game directory (usually c:Program FilesNovalogicDelta Force Black Hawk Down) and start the game. Go to the “Options” menu, and then to the “Remap” tab and click the “User Defaults” button.

Now remap the keys as desired. Click “OK”. The keys should now work as remapped, and the mouse wheel can be used to zoom the scope and cycle weapons. When this mapping is applied, the mouse wheel may not be used (with ‘CTRL’) to change scope elevation. Changing scope elevation must be done with keyboard input.


By Eagle_Eye, DR.EVIL~TAG, and Hairy 622 Downloads Website Added 09/28/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: TFDItemsInLW.exe

Task Force Dagger Items to Delta Force Land Warrior

This is a collection of over 150 TFD items transfered to DFLW

This Mod requires DV's DF2 Items for DFLW to be installed BEFORE you install the TFD items for DFLW.

BACKUP your Dflw.pff file before installing this mod.
We take no responsabliilty for any screwup...

This collection of DFTFD items collated, created and transfered by.... Eagle Eye, DR.EVIL~TAG, and Hairy.

Included are some items supplied by Novalogic, in DFLW and DFTFD, but never activated, so we activated them. Also included are some reskinned items as new med items.

Also transferred are the Waypoint names, Some Win and Lose Conditions and People names, along with a few custom ones as well.

Thanks to Iceman for and beta testing..

Thanks to DFArena for the Loader..

This mod not possible without the Bin Tools created by Devilsclaw, the DeSCR tool, created by DV, FwO-Raven for his PFF extractor and 3DI viewer/extractor. Many thanks guys for your tireless efforts in creating these fine tools for the DF community.