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By DF Bandits / Stand Alone Version 1.1 804 Downloads Website Added 07/15/2019 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX2 File Name: DeltaForceXtreme2ProjectMod1.1.zip

Delta Force Xtreme 2 Project Mod
Delta Force EXTERME 2 Project v1.0 Full no updates and patches needed

All new vehicles
All new weapons
All new iron sights and scopes
A lot of new sounds
A lot of new and emplacement weapons
A lot of new buildings
A lot of new decorations
A lot of new objects
A lot of new projectiles

DFX2P Update 1.1

I reduced all the textures that the game uses for best game play made them smaller size all textures are now 256 X 256. fix the lot of the errors that the pack. EXE gave V installer one new map Airport new customized objects like airport pieces AC-130 some standard vehicles for the airport added 3 two Strikers a new helicopter mad installer a lot smaller and even the mod. I also thank you guys even trying it out. I fixed the Vietnam terrain that I made in the first pack fix the xm8 texture and all the textures that needed to be fixed thanks to stompem from Nova HQ I hope you all enjoy the mod make more maps as it really needs it.