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By Eagle_Eye 1,079 Downloads Website Added 04/20/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2 File Name: Eagle_Eye_Check_Point.zip

DFX Eagle Eye Check Point

Eagle Eye Check Point

Map Name: Eagle Eye's Check Point
Game Type: Set in SP Mode
Author: Eagle Eye
Game: DFX full Version
Med: DFX Med

This small Demo map is set in SP mode, but, can be used in Coop as well.

What is a checkpoint?

A Checkpoint is a spawn point that becomes active after a certain event has been triggered..

This Zip contains a wac file as well..but, it's only for on screen text..

What you need is a way point list set for the Players..

An event for each way point you want to be a Spawn Point..

Pay particular attention to the Item attributes of each way point.
Notice they are ticked as a navigation way point, and that each has an advancement event..

That advancement event must be present and only needs to be a trigger, no action is required.