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By Eagle_Eye 749 Downloads Website Added 04/20/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: EE_Setting_SP_Waypoints.zip

DFX Setting Player Waypoints to Cycle
Map Name: EE's Setting SP Waypoints..
Game Type: Set in SP Mode
Author: Eagle Eye
Game: DFX full Version

This small Demo map is set in SP mode, tested in Coop...works OK.

After the last update.., there has been a problem setting the Player Waypoints...they no longer cycle to the next waypoint as you follow them.

There is a way around it. You need to set an "Advancement Event" for each waypoint so they will auto cycle as you approach them. This is also called setting a Checkpoint.

What is a checkpoint?

A Checkpoint is a spawn point that becomes active after a certain event has been triggered..

So, as an event is triggered the players spawn point progresses through the Player waypoints..avoiding having a long run back to the action.

What you need is a waypoint list set for the Players..

An event for each waypoint, it only needs to be a trigger, no action is required.

See events 1 to 5 in the mis file.

VERY IMPORTANT...DO NOT use event 0...just leave that event blank, or your first waypoint will not cycle.

Pay particular attention to the Item attributes of each waypoint. Notice they are ticked as a navigation waypoint, and that each has an advancement event..