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By Shadow-Z Version 12.11.10 3,596 Downloads Added 12/11/2010 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX2 File Name: Marksman 12-11-10.exe

DFX2 Marksmen Project
The Marksman Project aims to enhance the game-play set out by stock DFx2 with more accurate ballistic modeling and more weapons to play with.

This mod does not necessarily seek to create a new game out of DFx2, but rather push the engine to its fullest potential in terms of player vs. player combat.

This version of the mod is considered to still be in the Beta phase. That is, this mod is not complete, but is offered to those who are interested in testing the ballistics and game-play changes. Additionally, it is highly recommended that any thoughts, concerns, or comments pertaining to the mod be directed to shadowz1954@hotmail.com.

To install this mod, simply download the installer and read all of the instructions provided. You will have to make a complete copy of your DFx2 manually, and then install the mod to that copy. A future version of the installer will do this automatically.