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By BRAD G~RSU~ 3,220 Downloads Added 07/30/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: Coop_tutorial_for_JO_E_JOTR.zip

Joint Operations Build your Own Coop Tutorial
For help with NILE click here

Build your Own Coop

Split this pack in to three steps.

Step 1 (NILE Tutorial) - Teaches you how to use Nile.
Step 2 (NILES Little Helper Tutorial) - Teaches you how to configure your AI in various ways
Step 3 (WAC Tutorial) - Teaches you how to program in WAC, by the time you have read this, you will be typing out your wac file by hand.

Everything typed by BRAD G~RSU~ Apart from the "how to use nile" tutorial ( Credits to Sarc )