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By AW Mod Team Version 4.40 3,207 Downloads Website Added 03/10/2012 Updated 08/05/15 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: Advanced_Warfare_2_v4_40_Full_Setup.exe

Joint Operations Advanced Warfare 2 Mod (AW2) v4.40 FULL
Advanced Warfare is a JOINT OPERATIONS - Modification. The theme for AW is not so much only War Scenarios and Jungle, like in JO and some of the other Mods like IC etc. but to offer also a more civilian side of the whole thing. You´re not necessarely are forced to make Jungle or Military based Maps, you can also make a little more city like and even funny things that you can use. AW is proud to not be so serious about itself, thats why we have a few funny, not so serious things in our Mod. But we prefer that because there should be also alternatives to other, more serious Mods. Our current development is ADVANCED WARFARE v2. Our previous Version 1.0 is NOT supported anymore with us. We changed quite some things in Version 2, especially the compatiblity with other Maps from JO:Typhoon Rising, JO: Escalations and even Delta Force Xtreme. So there are quite a lot classic JO Maps that you can choose from to play and of course Mappers are working on new ones.

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