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By IC Mod Team Version 4.1.8 3,297 Downloads Website Added 05/01/2012 2 Comments PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: IC_4-1-8_CombinedArmsGold.exe

Joint Operations International Conflict (IC4 Mod) for Combined Arms Gold 4.1.8
Allows for the IC Mod to work with Joint Operations Combined Arms

New Stuff
We did not add as many new objects this time around. Search in NILE for IC4: to find them. Here are some highlights:
-Tiger helicopter: Comes in several versions. One allows the pilot to fire stingers while still having a gunner on a cannon.
-Wiesel: Mobile platform for stingers, TOW missiles, or a 20mm cannon
-DF2 Manor and ware house
-New Bull & R8Bob terrains
-Added 2 missing BHD buildings
-A few more desert/snow/jungle options to some stock vehicles
-Barb wire fence which causes player damage if you come into contact with it

Skin Changes
-Quite a few changes on both sides.

Howitzer / Nuke Howitzer Changes
-Both howitzer types now drive properly (won't flip over so easy)
-Both types cannot be fired level directly at a target. There is no longer a "skip point" on either howitzer's gun.
-Both types drive like tanks and have moving treads.
-Turrets are allowed to rotate freely
-The nuke round now fires with the trajectory of a standard howitzer shot. You get to use the mortar aimpoint on the map.
-The destructiveness of the nuke has been increased and has a big flash of light when it goes off
-The standard howitzer destructive radius has been reduced slightly
-The standard howitzer fires at the rate of 1 round per 6 seconds for the first three rounds (same rate as v3) but thereafter it can only fire at a rate of 1 round per 12 seconds.

Mortar Changes
-Mortars now have 5 types which can be fired. Press your mortar key repeatedly to cycle thru the types:
--Fragmentation round: large blast radius but low effectiveness (1 hit not lethal). Multiple people must fire together to get a kill zone.
--High explosive round: high damage level (1 shot kill on APC) but small radius, need a spotter to use well
--Flash bang round: 20 meter radius with same black out time as the hand nade
--Illumination round: lights stuff up, duh
--White Phosphorus round: smoke 'em if you got 'em

Other Changes / Fixes
-A number of weapon sights updated. Check out RPG in particular.
-Semi auto shotgun added
-Thermite effects changed to look like it is burning for several seconds before causing damage.
-Effectiveness of minigun rounds returned to v2 specs (they were made very ineffective in v3)
-Effectiveness of stingers returned to v2 specs
-Skip point on gunboat turret fixed
-Hit box on OH-58 rotors fixed
-Some weapon sounds changed

Known Issues
-If you rotate the howitzer to the side and use max angle, the gunner's feet are visible and can be shot with small arms from outside the vehicle.