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By dfzone.be Version 1.2.3 1,002 Downloads Website Added 04/27/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF2, DFLW File Name: dfbot.zip

DFLW / DF2 AI Host (bot)
Makes your host automatically play in dflw FV

*How to use:

-open the exe, select your game and click load Game (select a server if you run multiple servers at one comp)
-click start bot

works with:
dflw remix (=dflw demo)
dflw full v1.00.42
df2 full

enable bot on/off checkboxes:
if enabled players can type 'bot off' or 'bot on' in the game to disable the robot function cuz it can be annoying sometimes

that's it!

*Special functionality:
click connect to lan msg to connect the bot program with lan messenger.
Use this if u only want your admin players to be able to use the bot on/off messages, uncheck the checkboxes!
After connecting to lan messenger you need to do this:
-add a bad word 'bot off' (abusive language)
-add a new message type anything and select 'admin command only'
-add a bad word 'bot on' and select the same message as from the step above.
-enable abusive language

*if you don't have lan messenger yet you can download it from www.dfzone.be, run it and click 'host manager'

*other buttons like stop bot, stop move and move are rather for debugging, they speak for themself