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By Razor(Terranova) + Many others Version 1.0 1,929 Downloads Website Added 06/08/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHDTS File Name: DF_REDUX_V1.0.exe

BHD / BHDTS Delta Force: Redux Mod

1. Guns=Saw,Law,mp5,barret,300 tatical,m16/203,m4,claymore,stachel,Gas bomb,Hand grenade,Smoke grenade,m9 berrta.

2. Maps=Medium to small maps.Open area maps to where it not like bhd city maps.hilled terrians with some foliage here and there.4 to 5 original stock maps from df1 and a few good new ones that go with the df1 feeling.

3. Settings=There is no medics or psps available in the game but the psp is aviailable in the med that comes with the Mod.You dont have a choise of a gunner and sniper and ect... you can only be a delta force 1 to 8.delta force 1 to 8 is just a skin change or a model change in the char.so that means they all have the same setting but diffrent skin or model.the char speed in the game is a little bit faster than a cqb from bhd.you can now jump and shot your gun.the guns in the game have very little recoil.on some maps the black dot from the old days might appear in a way.

New Kill System:

If you kill a enemy with a weapon no matter what weapon it is some times you will get a kill bonus.