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By Daniel Andersson Version 1.5 2,311 Downloads Added 11/25/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF2 File Name: df2fixer-installer.exe

DF2 Live Game Editor (DF2 Fixer)
Live host
Edit the all the working settings without need to restart the server. The effect will first take affect in the next map so the features can`t be abused.

17 Player patch

New settings
The start delay and end (the time for showing scores) is in seconds.

Promote function
Will show a text after the start delay (by admin messages)

Team generator
Will generate a new team to the next map by random/score/side or by people using a special tag in their name. (the teams will hopefully be the same size for next map)

Write messaegs to the game, public/red/blue or admin messages. The Admin messages is bold white text that will be visible in the right column (the kill list).

Player list
View name, score, kills, death, current gun and IP for the clients in the server.

Player Functions
Kick/ban/warn and trace IP functions

Fast link to the servers CB page.

Fast copy game information
Will cope the general information such as name, NK, password and place it in the clippboard.

Fast change
Will change the map without viewing the scores