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By TerraNova 5,471 Downloads Website Added 01/16/2004 1 Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: BHD_EXP_Install_Files.zip

BHD EXP Pack /w NoCD and TS Compatibility MOD
Over 200 new items including object primitives which allow mappers to create new maps with much more variety than ever available before.

Many more vehicles - including more vehicles with emplaced weapons which are usable by players in single and multi-player gameplay.

20 new terrains - which broaden the gameplay experience and bring back snow to the latest game in the delta force series.

Unlocked Map Editor - includes map editor which allows the mapper to specify the default color for cammo on a given terrain - thus allowing the mapper to specify arctic or jungle cammo for their custom maps. New med also includes screenshots for virtually all new items to aid mappers in the creation of new maps.

New Weapons:
550 Sig Sniper Rifle
M-20 Silenced Sniper Rifle
M4A1SD (silenced scoped assualt rifle - available to medics too)
Delay Mine
Throwing Knives

Other features:

Ambient lighting
New Environment Files
Snow and Rain effects
Vehicles with Arctic Camo
Snow trees / foliage

As usual, using this in a Novaworld Server will get you punted and banned..

DO NOT USE in a Nova Server..

Also added in this Zip....

The Team Sabre Compatililty Mod